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Welcome back to another exciting video project post here at Hamil Bros Studios! We recently just finished a thirty second ad and a one minute promo for the West Texas Taste of the Field Dinner benefitting Milestones Development and Playpark (click here for tickets). If you don’t know about Milestones, you can read more about it here. Check out the ad and then we’ll talk about the project!

Old Friends | New Projects

Cassie Johnston from Alstrom Angels has been a great friend and asset to us for years now. She’s definitely part of our video family. Cassie called us about a month ago to help her advertise the second annual Taste of the Field Dinner. We had a bit of a challenge ahead of us, because we weren’t able to attend the event last year. Shooting that event would have been very helpful in crafting the ad to promote this year, but never fear, we had it covered. 

The Plan

When presented with this situation, we have to think our way around the problem. We have an event to promote with no footage from the previous event, how do we engage people into buying tickets? Well we dive into what the event is about. This presented us with problem number two. Milestones Park isn’t built yet and (fingers crossed) this event is going to help finish out the funding needed to build! That leaves us with what you saw in the ad, we decided to focus on what grabs EVERYONE’S attention: FOOD. We decided to highlight each chef participating in this mouth-watering, 5 course, culinary adventure. 

This really excited us, because in our several years of doing this, we haven’t had the opportunity to shoot food. So we wanted to try different techniques and styles with each chef and tackle the unique opportunities that each location provided. We have plans on doing blogs for most of the locations talking about how we lit them. We are definitely looking for more restaurants/wineries to work with in Texas! If you know someone in that position, tell them to give us a shout! Check out the BTS for the shoot below!


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