Dobbs Law Firm – Motorcycle Project

This is our 3rd ad series to do for the Dobbs Law Firm in Odessa, Texas. If you know us very well, you know we don’t like those cheese ball, personal injury attorney ads. They are usually slimy and awful, and not often on purpose (except in the case of The Lawhawk). Previously, we shot a series of testimonials for Spencer with several of his clients and then shot an ad directed at oilfield traffic injury. Make sure to click on those to check them out! Now, check out these sweet ads we put together for Spencer for this run around!

Spencer got a hold of us and told us he wanted us to shoot with a special client of his.Gilbert Corrales was a motorcycle accident victim. He was SO NICE! We had a great time setting up and making it look ridiculously awesome.

We always encourage people to have client testimonials for your advertising. They are so powerful and no one can sell you like people who are happy with your services. We believe in them so much, we do them for us as well! If you want to have clients do testimonials for you, head over to our contact page and give us a shout! We’d love to help you out!


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