Children’s Cancer Fundraising Video Denton, TX

Summer 2022 has been pretty crazy for us at Hamil Bros Studios. Not as much production and a lot more post production work than we normally do. One project that we’ve been extremely excited to share is the Hallie’s Heroes Summer Fundraising Campaign!

There are several videos that we produced to help them raise money for various parts of their non profit. You can check those out below!

This whole project came together when Hallie’s mom, Elyse called us about a VERY SPECIAL event Hallie was going to be at in Late April. We talked amongst ourselves and decided our greatest and best use was going to be creating video content around a summer fundraiser for Hallie’s Heroes (HH) while we were in the Ft. Worth area shooting this event. 

We decided to shoot interviews with several different people involved in Hallie’s Heroes to tell various stories of what HH does in the community to help raise money for families affected by childhood cancer, as well as money for rare childhood disease and childhood cancer research. 

This may be some of the hardest interviews that we’ve ever done. Simply because ALL the content was SO GOOD that it was hard to edit it down! We managed and we are incredibly blessed to be able to tell their stories and share the stories of the lives they’ve touched. 

We had to save the very best video for last, though. The initial reason we were brought to Ft. Worth was to video (unbeknownst to Hallie Bea), the first time Hallie got to meet her bone marrow donor. Words cannot do this video as much justice as just watching it!

Their fundraiser only has a few days left. If this story has touched your heart, we hope that you’ll join us in giving to Hallie’s Heroes!

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