2021 Dobbs Law Firm Video Content

We’re back again with some new work for the Dobbs Law Firm in Odessa, Texas! We’ve been extremely blessed to have worked with Spencer Dobbs for the last 4 years. Every time it’s been something new and exciting. We strayed a little away from doing client testimonials for him to cover some other areas, but it seems like we always come back to the testimonials as a good base. We always encourage doing testimonials, because your happy clients sell you better than anyone else can. 

The Dobbs Law Firm is one of our few clients who still gets quite a bit of use out of broadcast TV airtime. Our plan of action for them has been to shoot long form testimonials for their website and then cut 30 second broadcast ads for each testimonial. We also produced an additional mixed advertisement, featuring most of the clients from this run. It’s worked VERY WELL for Spencer Dobbs and we love being able to tell his clients’ stories via video.

We love being able to bolster Spencer Dobbs’ web video content for his law practice. One of the VERY BEST WAYS we do this is by shooting the full testimonials of each client. That way, if you see the 30 second ad on facebook or on TV, you can visit his website to see the entire story. This helps engage his customers on a different level and brings more validity to his practice. He’s been practicing for a LONG time, so it’s not like he needs much help, but it’s good to keep fresh content coming to his community. 

There are a couple of benefits to cutting 30 second ads. If you require them for broadcast TV placement, then you also can use them for social media as well. It’s great to have some bite sized video content to keep your social channels alive. Specifically, these kinds of ads work great on facebook, instagram, and twitter to engage your online audience. 

Along this specific journey, we were able to make a new friend! We met Larry Wiezycki because Spencer had a specific client, who now lives in Florida, that he really wanted a testimonial from. Larry is the owner of Polyphonic Image and became our resource for capturing this testimonial since it was beyond the scope of the project budget to fly us out there. Larry did a phenomenal job which leads us to the Fernando Camacho testimonials. Give them a watch!

We always love working with the Dobbs Law Firm! They’ve been with us for 4 years now and we’re always excited to see where their next steps take us. If you’re looking for this kind of video content package for your business, we highly recommend doing client testimonials, especially if you’re in any kind of service industry. We’d love to have a chat about your needs and see where we can come up with a plan that works best for you! 

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