Carmageddon – Lubbock (Video)

The Carmageddon Proposition

Earlier this week, I received a call from Jeff Allen (Car Chasers) where he and Heathen (FMX) asked me if we could put together a television commercial for “Carmageddon“. It is a one day event at the City Bank Coliseum in Lubbock, TX, with a collector car auction, car show, and car racing.

The Carmageddon TV Commercial

We’ve been doing some video production with Jeff and Meg for a few months and it just so happened that we had footage from the last auction they held in Lubbock and from an autocross race earlier this summer. So, I had all the elements I needed to put the Carmageddon ad together. I figured it would take me 5-6 hours to go through all of the footage from the previous events and put something together.

I was wrong… Since the Carmageddon commercial was going to be the first ad we’ve had aired in Lubbock, I really wanted to knock this one out of the park. Thus, came the over-kill.

The Carmageddon Process

When thinking about “Carmageddon” the first thing that comes to my mind is “post-apocalypse.” The second thing is the movie, “Armageddon.” So, for me, it had to be a combination of asteroids and desolation while getting the message of the commercial across.

I scoured through all of my stock footage to see if I could find something I could turn into a wasteland. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. Out of all the video production we’ve covered this last year, not one single thing that I could use for an opening sequence. My next course of action was to find a still photo that I could animate, and that’s where it came from (more on this process in a later post). I took the still photo, added my asteroid, some fire, and some 3D text and turned it into utter destruction.

Once, I had that piece mostly finished, the next step was to put some music to it.

If you’ve followed our blog for very long, you know that Jacob handles the majority of our music, so, I put him to the task of finding something to use. He sent me a song that he had written and recorded a couple of years ago and that became our Carmageddon theme song.

From there it was a matter of building the closing title shot and filling in the rest with footage from our previous video productions.

The Carmageddon Delivery

One thing I like about my work is the satisfaction of every project we do is my new favorite project. I love all of our productions but, each one is something new and there’s something new I love about it.

Another thing that I absolutely love, but comes on rare occasion, is the opportunity to see our clients’ faces and reactions when they see their video for the first time. Last night, may have been the best one.

Jacob and I met up with Jeff, Meg, Heathen, Jim (our Santa Clause), and Eric to show them the Carmageddon television commercial.

Since we were in a loud environment, Heathen brought in a couple of sets of headphones. I don’t remember who had the headphones first, but, I’ll never forget the reaction from both Jeff and Meg when the final shot came on the screen. It was a loud “OHHHH!!!!” and “Whoah!” from both of them. They all took turns with the headphones and we put the spot on repeat.

It was easily the best viewing experience I’ve had with anyone we’ve done a commercial for.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have them all as friends and to now be the only production company endorsed by our friends in The Car Chasers… And Heathen 😉


We hope you all make it out to Carmageddon. It’s going to be one heck of a day and we will even have our own booth set up so come by and visit!


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