Carter’s Furniture Cookie Cutter TV Spots – Hamil Bros Studios

We are really happy to release our Carter’s Furniture “Cookie Cutter” ads this week!


We have been so fortunate to work with Carter’s Furniture this year and we are very proud of our latest ads showing that Carter’s brings you unique furniture unlike the cookie cutter furniture stores out there.

This series is was a great suggestion from Carter’s General Manager, Greg Galvan. Initially we were asked to shoot specific couches and dining sets in the store. Our wonderful friends at Carter’s knew they wanted to highlight these pieces in their next set of more generic commercials, but didn’t know how they wanted to tie them together. A few days after we filmed in the store, Greg got a hold of us and told us his idea pertaining to cookie cutters. He said that one of the foundations of Carter’s is that they give unique pieces to fit the personalities of their unique customers. They didn’t want to present bland, cookie cutter furniture that you could buy anywhere.

After some discussion with Greg we decided to schedule another shoot for the introduction to the “Cookie Cutter” ads. Greg asked us if we could somehow get some shots of someone using a cookie cutter on cookie dough and tie that in with the commercial. Of course, we agreed and our minds went directly to our grandmother, Jeannette Hamil. This is actually not the first time her cookies have appeared in a Carter’s Furniture commercial. Her cookies are delivered by Mrs. Claus to Santa in our previous “Santa Shops At Carter’s” ad found here.

Anyways we called “Memaw” up and asked her if she’d be interested in somewhat appearing in our “Cookie Cutter” commercial. She lovingly agreed… Thank Goodness! We arrived at her house and began to set up. We didn’t realize we were in for a hilarious ride! We asked if she had an apron she could wear, which, in retrospect, seems like a dumb question considering she’s a grandma. You would not believe just how many aprons she had! She would go through a drawer in her kitchen and pull out several. Then, head to the dining room hutch and pull out several more. Then, she would run to her utility room where she would open up a cabinet and pull out even more aprons! There were aprons galore. We had a great time laughing at this “Cookie Cutter” shoot.

Once costuming was done, we managed to get the shots we needed relatively quickly. We can’t thank Memaw enough for helping us with our “Cookie Cutter” ads and baking us a few amazing chocolate chip cookies while she waited for us to finish setting up! All around, it was an amazing shoot and a great experience. We’re so glad that we were able to be involved with another project with Carter’s and the amazing people there.

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