Non-Profit Video Production | 100 Black Men | Lubbock, Tx | 2023

by | Jun 27, 2023 | 0 comments

This year, we are excited, once again, to produce video content for the 100 Black Men of West Texas. Last year, we were brought in at the last minute to produce a video for their Gala and we were glad to follow up with an even better product! This year, we got to collaborate with our good friend, Brett Womble, on producing the video for the 2023 scholarship gala. 

This project really came together with Brett at the helm! He found us some incredible locations in which to shoot and as always we got to top it off with a shoot with Ted Liggett. It was really cool to get to interview scholarship recipients to see just how great of an impact this scholarship has had on their college careers! It’s amazing! 

We got to try some larger source lighting techniques in this video production and we are extremely happy with the results and the color palette we ended up with. 

If you need video production for your business, we service all of Texas and parts of New Mexico! Give us a shout on our contact page and we’d love to talk to you about your business! 

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