Brookdale Remington Park Brand Story

It’s often said, “Great things take time to make.” This project for our friends over at Brookdale Remington Park is no exception! We’ve been working on this brand story for Brookdale for a little over 2 years. Check it out and then read ahead for the story!

Our Story Begins

About 2 years ago, Ty Haulk, Executive Director of Brookdale Remington Park, grabbed Ross at church after seeing the video Ross had produced for their mission trip. We met up with Ty and although he knew he needed something, he didn’t know exactly what. After touring Brookdale, we knew we had to be a part of such an incredible place. There are “nursing homes” which we all know, then there is Brookdale Remington Park. As you can see in the video it’s not your regular nursing home. We also wish we could use smellovision so you can get a sense of the amazing community the team at Brookdale has built. 

Over the years

Over the course of those two years, we’ve had lots of ideas thrown our way. It’s really hard to craft a project when all those ideas a REALLY GOOD. Finally, earlier this year, we got it down to what we wanted. We had already covered several of the family events for B Roll, but knew we needed good, genuine interviews to lay the foundation for this entire piece. We shot those interviews and they turned out amazing! It’s pretty awesome when you have every single person in each interview, tell you the same things over and over, but in their own words. It just goes to show that when Brookdale does anything, it’s their aim to do it to the best of their abilities. 

We got the interviews nailed down and had to shoot the last bit of supplemental B-Roll to polish the project off. It’s amazing to me how these residents come together to give back to the community at Remington Park. We’re proud to be able to help them tell their story and we’re proud to have them become part of our Hamil Bros family. 


Check out our behind the scenes from this epic shoot below!


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