Kingdom Come Ministries – A Night on the Bayou

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We’re very excited to get to share one of our favorite projects of 2017 today. You may have seen our work with Alstrom Angels over the past several years and it’s through Cassie and Melissa that we’ve made yet another great connection, Kingdom Come Ministries.

Kristin and Leslie are two of the nicest ladies you’ll ever meet. Their heart for this non-profit is something you just have to experience in person. When we initially started talking to them, they were terribly excited to get the ball rolling. So, we sat down and figured out our course of action. What did we want to say with the video? Who is their audience? What is the end goal of this production? Those are just a few of the questions we ask when assessing the path of our video production.

Leslie and Kristin with Kingdom Come Ministries

Leslie and Kristin came to us because they wanted something out of the box. As you all know and have seen, out of the box is typically where we reside in the local video production realm. So, how do we introduce Kingdom Come, explain their journey, and invite folks to come out to their benefit dinner? We decided that testimonials are just about the best way to experience something new. When you look at joining a new club or trying a new restaurant, you always ask your friends, right? So, we had several of the families/ people involved or touched by their ministry come in and give us their accounts of the interactions.

The First Shoot

This shoot is one of the coolest we’ve ever done. It’s always our goal that our newest/most recent project is the coolest looking thing that we’ve done. This Kingdom Come project is no different. We decided we wanted to try some new techniques we’ve learned over the past few years and this provided the perfect opportunity for those. One of our newest gear acquisitions was buying some black flags from Matthews Studio Equipment. Also, we got a little time to test out our new 4×4 Matthews Voodoo Cloth. One of the issues with testing new gear is that, not all gear is made for all shoots. In this case, our Matthews Voodoo Cloth wasn’t the right fit for the project. But, we didn’t let that hold us down. We’re planning on doing a much more extensive test of the Voodoo cloth soon enough! We wanted a moody sort of interview look with “pools of light” around the room. We were exceedingly impressed that what was going on in our heads was the result that we were getting on the production monitors.


Interns… More Like Family

We were very lucky to have all three of our AMAZING interns on board for this shoot. Josh, Massiel, and Ricky knocked this shoot out of the park. They were very attentive and picked up where we needed them to. We brag on our interns and this case is no different. 

This was Ricky’s very first shoot with us and we’re eager to have him as well as Massiel and Josh back on set with us ASAP. Once we got all our interviews shot, we wrapped the day which turned out to be about 10 ½ hours.

The Other Shoots

The interviews became the backbone of the entire project, which was our plan in the first place. After they were cut like we wanted them, it was on to shooting B roll. We did several different shoots to cover this. Firstly being our shoot out at “Church in the Park” where the ladies serve dinner to the kids and their families then have a worship next to the bus. A few weeks later, we were able to sit in on the “After School Bible Study” at Brown Elementary and capture what happens there. It’s very entertaining! We only had one shoot left, in which we shot the interiors and exteriors of the bus driving, as well as Kristin and Leslie delivering groceries to one of the families with whom they are actively involved.

Post Production

The Post Production process was very easy in this particular project, because the edit wrote itself. Once the edit was locked and the B Roll was placed. All we had left was Motion Graphics, final color, final sound, and delivery.

The Benefit Dinner

We would love to personally invite you to the “Night on the Bayou” where we’ll be having a fancy dinner out at “At’l Do Farms” Tickets are $40 for adults and $10 for children. We will have a table there and we really hope to see you out there on Saturday, March 25th! If you have any other questions, you can feel free to contact us and if need be, we can put you in touch with Leslie or Kristin.

If you’d like more information on Kingdom Come Ministries, please feel free to check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’d like more information on us here at Hamil Bros Studios, click here to contact us. Also, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’d love to talk with you and see how we can help elevate and grow your brand and business!

Now Enjoy some BTS photos!

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