Welcome To Hub City Spokes!

This is a project we’ve been waiting some time to release! We were approached back in February by the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) to produce a podcast and vidcast talking about Lubbock. This is our first foray into the podcast realm and we feel like it turned out pretty well! Welcome to Hub City Spokes!

Teamwork makes the Dream WORK

This project took a LOT of cooperation from a lot of great people. It also proved to us, once again, we love to collaborate. We were solely in charge of making the podcast sound GREAT and look AMAZING. We’re really lucky, because those are our specialties! 

We had several meetings leading up to the production where we nailed down who we wanted in this first season, what direction it was going to go, where we were going to shoot, and what LEDA wanted the end results to be. Once we had those things figured out, LEDA jumped in and started contacting folks left and right to get them scheduled. This may seem like a routine thing, but after as many productions as we’ve done over the years, it’s nice to have someone else take those reins. Our lineup of people was really incredible and the conversations were always interesting! If you want to learn more about the podcast click here! Big props to the Texas Tech Innovation Hub for letting us create the Hub City Spokes set in their building. It was perfect!

This is just a small dose of what we did! If you want to see all the episodes, head on over to the Hub City Spokes Podcast Website and check it out! We loved this experience and can’t wait to produce the next season alongside LEDA. 


If you’re wanting to produce a podcast, give us a shout on our contact page!


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