Sewell Lincoln — A Night Out (video)

The Sewell Lincoln TV spot is finally out!

Today marks the culmination of several months of planning, scripting, storyboarding, shot listing, shooting, editing, and coloring, as the Sewell Lincoln spot is approved and getting sent out for delivery!

Several months ago, Jacob and I were going around to different businesses just trying to get our name and our work in front of people. Sewell was one of the places that we visited and the timing could not have been better. They were re-structuring the marketing division and looking for a production company. After our introductory meeting with them, they told us that we were what they were looking for.

Since the marketing division was only about a week old, we knew that it would be a little while before there would be any movement. After a couple of months, we finally got an email from our contact at Sewell and he wanted to have another meeting and discuss a few ideas and introduce us to their copywriter. The meeting went wonderfully and we walked away with 3 ideas, the first of which was the Sewell Lincoln ad.

We were given the concepts with the mission to script them out and make them production ready. I’m pretty sure that we had the majority of the script and shot list completed by the time we completed our journey back to Lubbock.

Once the scripting was done to my satisfaction on the Sewell Lincoln spot, I sent it to Sewell for further collaboration.  They came back with the go-ahead to start planning the shoot.

Once June rolled around, we nailed down production dates. The Sewell Lincoln shoot took a total of about three and a half days spread out over 3 weeks due to everyone’s summer schedule.

The Sewell Lincoln shoot was our first time to really put our new gear through their paces. We shot two days with the 33′ camera jib, and got to play with the MoVI, as well as setting up the 20′ dolly track.

The week before the Sewell Lincoln production commenced, we spent somewhere near 20 hours building and rigging our dolly track with a motor for a time-lapse shot. Now, when I say that “we” spent time, I mean that Jacob, our dad (Lonnie Hamil), and I all spent time. Without his help, that venture would have been a lost cause.

During the Sewell Lincoln production, we had a really great team around us and we owe a debt of gratitude to a plethora of people (yes, I know what a “plethora” is for all of you fans of El Guapo). I am going to try to remember everyone here, if I forget someone, let me know and I will make sure you are added:

  • Shawn and Megan Miller – You guys gave us invaluable information on what needed to happen to get our business really going.
  • Kyle Bullock – You gave us the “how” to execute on the “what” and had you not given us a verbal butt-kicking to make us get out and meet businesses, this blog post would not be happening.
  • Tyler and Nick (Team Sewell) – You guys took a risk to place your bets on us as your production company and we are eternally grateful. You’ve been extremely encouraging and incredibly easy to work with.
  • Ashley Brooks – You have volunteered yourself  on more than one occasion and this time you volunteered your child. You’ve not only been extraordinarily supportive, you’ve helped us out of a bind a few times. You show up early, leave late and are always willing to lend a helping hand (like moving jib weights while you’re dressed up for a night on the town). We are sad to see you moving, but, we are excited for your new journey with your family. We also want to thank Alan for loaning you to us and for being cool headed about you having a different husband in every shoot you’re in for us 😉
  • BJ – You are a darn, fine-looking man and I’m pleased as can be that we got to use you for this commercial. We are thankful that you and Natalie gave up a couple of your evenings to help us out on this.
  • Gary and Jill Whitehead – Thank you for loaning us your house on a couple of occasions. It was the perfect location and you make it extremely accessible and were very gracious hosts.
  • Tray Dix – Thanks for loaning us your generator. It would have been dark and lonely without it.
  • Dad – You have helped us out more than we could ever thank you for. From building a motor mount for our dolly to sanding a guitar off the side of a trailer, you have gone above and beyond.
  • Mom – The list could go on forever. There is no hat that you haven’t worn for us: babysitter, hotel manager, housekeeping, caterer, sandbag maker, chef, cast & crew, bookkeeper, go-fer, banker, chauffeur, nurse, and mother (and that’s just in the last month!) I’m sure I’ve missed quite a bit of your duties, but, I think people get the idea. You are the glue that really holds this thing together.
  • Mom and Dad – Your work ethic has been passed on to Jacob and I. You can never do anything half-way and neither can we. You both have been supportive to a degree that neither Jacob or I can even imagine and you don’t really complain about it which is miraculous because Jacob and I tend to drive people bonkers.

If I missed anyone, please, let me know.

This Sewell Lincoln production has been an adventure and we are so blessed to have all of you here with us!


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