Why did this post take so long to publish?

If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I was planning on dropping one project post per week on these Merkel ads. However, we got caught up in some of our massive fall projects and haven’t made the time. So, here we go.

In the second part of this 3-ad series, Merkel finds himself trying to make his way to Brink Fleet.

The Duct Tape

We have actively started using more and more practical effects in these commercials. For this one, the biggest one was actually wrapping the car in duct tape, or at least the parts that fall off. And, for your enjoyment, here is a timelapse of the duct taping.

While this TV commercial was a lot less intense on the visual FX front, it still required a fair bit. The first major thing I had to do was make the back bumper fall off.

The second thing was to give Merkel (a known cheapskate) a stockpile of duct tape. Now, the easiest thing would have been to just buy a pallet full of duct tape, but, even though it’s praised as a cheap fixer, it’s still pretty stinking expensive. Watch below to see how that was done.

While there were quite a few FX shots in this ad, the last big one was the door falling off. As you will see, it took a bit of creativity to make this happen

The last major part of this was the sound. I had a lot of fun with the sound on this one. I think my favorite parts were the whooshes and the whip crack when he turns around.


Beyond building the shots and adding the sounds, we knew that we couldn’t have another Merkel series without bringing back the infamous car salesman in another disguise. So, who better to pick up a hitchhiking, broken down Merkel Dergler? The problem was, we couldn’t’ get the two at the same time, so, we actually had to set up a time after principle production was wrapped to bring in Dr. Kregg Fehr.


All in all, we really loved this ad and we hope you have enjoyed it too.

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