Mirror, Mirror Live Acoustic Single

This is a project we’re really proud of and we’ve already had a LOT of positive response to the production and the message. If you didn’t know or are new to the Hamil Bros Tribe, we have a hard rock band called Labor XII. You can find us on facebook, twitter, and instagram as well as all music streaming platforms. The writing process for the album has been a pretty slow and tedious process, but that’s the case when everyone in the band has a full time job and other obligations. We’re working on producing more content like this and this has been a great trial run on what we’d like to do in the future. It helps running a production company first and a band second. Check out our first Live Acoustic Single, “Mirror, Mirror”. 

This project means a lot to us, because we’re big advocates of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 2020 has been a very trying year on mental health and those who struggle with suicidal thoughts and tendencies. We wanted to give a message of hope to hold on and find help. 

On the production side, we wanted to dip our toes into more live performance multi-cam operations, considering the current climate. It was a relatively smooth video shoot considering all the lighting and running 5 cameras simultaneously with no operators. 

Here at Hamil Bros, we hoped that our projects have positive impacts on those they reach and this is no different. We both have struggled with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. Sometimes it’s a daily battle. There is hope and help is available.


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