American Heart Association | Tyler, TX | Survivor Video | 2024

by | Feb 28, 2024 | 0 comments

At the close of 2023, our video production team embraced a rewarding opportunity to collaborate once again with the American Heart Association. If you’ve followed our journey in recent years, you may have noticed our dedication to various projects, including those for the American Heart Association’s Lubbock chapter.

In December, we embarked on a memorable trip to Tyler, TX, where we had the privilege of producing the Survivor Video for their Tyler Chapter Heart Ball.

Our journey was filled with excitement. The 8-hour drive, inclusive of essential road trip stops, led us to a delightful Airbnb in Tyler. We utilized the time to arrive, load in, and set up our equipment, ensuring a seamless shoot the next morning. This preparation allowed us to fine-tune our visual elements and be ready for the arrival of our survivor, Norma.

The interview process for this video took a unique turn from our usual approach. Sensing Norma’s initial nervousness, our interviewer, Jacob, initiated the conversation by having her share stories about her family. Once she felt at ease, Jacob signaled to Ross, and the cameras began rolling, smoothly transitioning into the interview. The results can be witnessed in the video above, showcasing the authenticity of the captured moments.

This experience added an extra layer of joy to our journey, and we eagerly anticipate the ongoing collaboration with the American Heart Association in Tyler, TX, as we continue to specialize in video production, corporate video, and impactful video advertising.


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