Signature Stag – Dress Like a Man – Midland, TX

After a year and a half of planning and persistence, we are finally releasing our first ad for Signature Stag Fine Menswear in Midland, TX!

We had a blast shooting this spot and it turned out really beautifully. The planning for this ad started earlier on in 2014 with a basic concept. Then, in October, 2014, Signature Stag won our $1000 toward production raffle to support the Covenant Hospital Bullying and Suicide prevention summit and progress really started.

We’ve built a relationship with Natalie Huey, the owner of Signature Stag, over the course of the last year and several months. Our first encounter with her was shooting the Young Professionals in Energy Event held at Signature Stag last year. Later in 2014, we also filmed a fashion show featuring Saxx Underwear.

In July, Natalie had her marketing woman, also named Natalie, contact us about redeeming her winnings from the raffle. We were glad to drive down to midland and catch the awesome Signature Stag storefront looking absolutely spectacular. The idea behind this ad was to dress like a man. We wanted the tone to be bold and confident with the touch of a sultry voice.

When it comes to Voice Over we know there’s only one place to turn to be pushed in the right direction. So, we contacted our good friend, Ryan Ramon at Ramon Voice Overs  to see who he would suggest when it came to a sensual/ sultry woman VO artist. Thank goodness we called him! Without hesitation, Ryan said “You want to use Andrea Hadhazy.” So we headed over to our “Friendly, Girl-Next-Door Voice Over Artist” at All it took was about 10 seconds of listening to her VO demos to know we had to use her. We contacted her and had a script for her and she turned it around within a few hours. We have to say, Andrea is an incredible talent. With no direction, she delivered exactly what we were looking for and crushed the script! We always want the best for our customers and Signature Stag’s “Dress Like a Man” ad, was no different. So, a huge shout out to Andrea for being great to work with and we look forward to using her more in the future! Make sure to check out and “Like” her facebook page, as well!

We’re really pleased with how the spot turned out for Signature Stag and we look forward to producing more high class ads for them in the coming years. If you want more info on what’s going on day to day with them, be sure to check out and “Like” their facebook page and instagram account. Also make sure to contact them about being on their email list where they send out invitations for great parties at the store!

We always appreciate your support and encouragement in what we do! Thank you so much! To keep up to date with what we’re doing make sure and “like” the Hamil Bros Studios Facebook PageHamil Bros Twitter, and subscribe the the Hamil Bros Youtube Channel. Also if you’re on instagram make sure to search for either #HamilBrosStudios or #HamilBros!


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