The Dream Sports Performance Creative Ad and Brand Story

Let me just tell you, it’s been REAL hard to keep this project under wraps! But here we are, sharing it with you and the rest of the world! Finally! I’ll be nice and let you watch it, then tell you the story afterward. Presenting the Creative Ad for The Dream Sports Performance for your viewing pleasure. 

Where to Begin

Seriously this project is a major evolution from the original ask, but we’re all better for it. Originally, our friend Kyriea Richards (you might recognize her from the “I’ll Follow You” Music video) asked us to come shoot the official Grand Opening of The Dream Sports Performance which was a live event. We don’t really shoot live events any more, although we can. We wanted to get the absolute most out of this, so we decided to plan the creative ad and the brand story film instead.

It was insanely cool getting to shoot with Jakeem Grant (Wide Receiver #19 for the Miami Dolphins) again after shooting with him 3 years ago at Texas Tech. Since he’s a partner in The Dream Sports Performance, he was here for the grand opening. We pitched Rich to actually shoot interviews and brand story elements with him and Jakeem while Jakeem was in town rather than shooting the event itself. Here’s a little secret for live event shooting, there has to be a TON of stuff going on with lots of visual movement for them to seem interesting in a video later. Our time was better utilized doing a brand story shoot as you can see below. On top of getting the footage assets for the project, we also were able to capture still image assets that are now being utilized in their social media advertising. 

Those interviews took up most of the day, so we committed to taking care of the creative ad at a different time. That time happened to be several weeks later on a thursday night from 9pm-3am. We were exhausted but our team (Ross, Myself, Josh Dansby, and Braeden Fraze) plus the Dream Team (Big Rich, Jamal Nero, Courtney Portera, and Kyriea Richards) made this ad the absolute best it could be. 

 We couldn’t have done it without our amazing crew of guys. We want to especially thank Braeden Fraze for coming out and being an incredible PA willing to learn and glean every bit of knowledge he could. He also always made himself available to whoever needed him. He was invaluable on this shoot. Next comes Josh Dansby, who has worked with us for forever now. He gave up his regular Thursday night to come shoot behind the scenes photos and video for this project. Josh is a stand up guy that we love to death. He ALWAYS makes a shoot less stressful. 

 If you want to step up the creative game in your business and GRAB your audience’s attention, get a hold of us on our contact form!  

In the meantime, enjoy the amazing BTS images Dansby shot for us!



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