The Ad

Hamil Bros Studios had been approached earlier in 2016 about coming up with some new TV commercial concepts for our clients at MTCU. One of the main things they were looking for was an ad that would pique the interest of viewers in regards to their Card Valet feature on their debit cards.

The Idea

The concept of card valet is simple enough: if you lose your card, you can turn it off from an app on your phone. There are some budgeting tools that come with it, but, that’s the main feature.

There were so many ways that television ad this could have gone and several questions that needed to be answered. What causes this person to lose their card? How do they discover it’s missing? What type of person is going to be utilizing the app? How can we minimize the amount of shooting locations and keep this relatively simple?

Once all of the questions were answered, it became a matter of ironing out the logistics.


The Shoot

We started the video production off at Lori’s Cafe. The cafe has an interesting vibe. Everything there just pops blue, which made for a great atmosphere to place our guy in. With big bay windows in the front, it pretty much lit itself creating a nice atmosphere.


From there, we needed to pick up some shots of our guy at the MTCU ATM so he would have a reason to notice his card was missing.


Once we grabbed those shots, we broke for lunch and picked up the remainder of the shoot in the residential location. This lighting schematic was one of our favorites. It created a nice dinner-table atmosphere where our actor could “do his budget.”


Post Production

The post production on this shoot was relatively easy. The longest part was renewing our ending graphic for MTCU and adding some elements that would lend themselves to the app theme.

The Voice

The main thing that tied this ad together was the voice of none other than Ryan Ramon of Ramon Voiceovers, aka. “Cinnamon Butter” Ramon. Ryan is our go-to voice talent and always knocks it out of the park.

Hamil Bros Studios is a high quality video production company based in Lubbock, TX. Their work spreads throughout West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and beyond.


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