TV Commercial – Bullock’s Jewelry “Get it Right”

GET IT RIGHT TV Commercial

Goodness how the summer has flown by! It’s already September and here we are busier than we’ve ever been. We’ve been collaborating with Bullock’s Jewelry of Roswell, NM since January shooting their fall lineup of TV commercial spots including “How to Cure THE Headache” and now “Get it Right”.

The writing process for the “Get it Right” TV commercial took place on one of our various trips between Lubbock and the Midland/Odessa area. We were thinking about humorous ways to sell jewelry and the idea popped into our heads… at the same time. If you ever spend any time around us, you’ll soon learn that we say the exact same things at the exact same time in the exact same tone at the exact same tone. The first word out of our mouths was “REED!” Reed, is the middle brother between us. So we started writing the script for “Get it Right” on the road. If you really want to get to know Reed, he’s an incredibly gifted intellectual. Practical every day handiwork, however, is a different story.

As soon as we had the script for “Get it Right” approved by Bullock’s, we gave Reed a call and and pitched the idea to him. His initial response was “Do I need to bring the white laundry I stained pink?” Well that told us that Reed was the perfect match for the “Get it Right” TV commercial. Next we had to find a fitting screen wife for Reed. DRUM ROLL! Introducing: Mrs. Ashley Brooks! Ashley showed up and acted fantastically as Reed’s wife in “Get it Right” and has since been a part of four other spots we filmed this summer for the Sewell Family of Companies, all of which you can find at our Sewell Lincoln Blog and our Sewell Team Parents Blog.

We got a date sorted out, everyone arrived, and we were on our way! Shooting “Get it Right” was a pretty relaxing and hilarious shoot where we had a ton of fun. We’re really glad to be working with Bullock’s and look forward to releasing more spots of theirs’ as soon as we get the Green light.

We always love to hear your feedback on what we produce. If you enjoyed the “Get it Right” TV Commercial or any of our other projects feel free to respond on the blog, on our Facebook  or on our Twitter!


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