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2022 has been an extremely busy year here at Hamil Bros Studios. One of our favorite projects from this summer was for ATDS Truck Driving School right here in Lubbock! They reached out to us earlier this year to help them engage new students into their trucking program. Their biggest request was “make it look cool.” They only wanted a 6 second and a 15 second spot to run on social media so check this out!

This was a really cool video production project to be a part of. We love when the clients basic aim is “make it look good.” This facility for ATDS is a million dollar simulation facility and we couldn’t let it go to waste. We decided on the outset of the shoot that we wanted it to feel dynamic and futuristic, because frankly, it is very much both those things. 

When we were initially requested for this advertising video, we wanted to location scout and make sure we could execute our vision for the ads. Upon our arrival, ATDS had us buckled into their simulator and we were on our way to becoming truckers! The amount of technology that we were going to get to showcase in the video was definitely exciting. We wanted the ad to feel moody and dynamic and that really lent itself in the lighting. 

Our lighting on the video, like every video, played a crucial role in conveying what ATDS wanted. So we decided to go a saturated, near cyberpunk feeling lighting style. We always love using cyan, it’s one of our favorite colors for video, but we also wanted to complement and be able to flip to other complementary colors. 

This all rolled into what we feel and ATDS feels is a very dynamic and gripping video production! If you want something dynamic and gets your audience excited to work with or buy from you, give us a shout on our contact page! We’d love to help you elevate your marketing! 

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