High Quality Video Production Services for Abilene, Texas

If you need video content and expert quality production for your Abilene TX business, we’re here to help!  Engage your audience with the best visuals possible.  We’ll help you craft, create, and implement your project.  We utilize cutting edge cinema technology and lighting to produce exceptional results that have help get the best ROI for our clients.  If your Abilene TX business needs a boost and some attention grabbing visuals or you need to convey a trust building message, we can help you engage your audiences with our full service video production company. 


We’re bringing commercial video production, corporate videos, content for short form videos, marketing campaigns, and much more for companies in Abilene TX and West Texas.   With many years of visual film production experience for regional and national clients, we are ready to bring that expertise to Abilene and your commercial video project.

Some of our most popular services for our Abilene, TX clients include video and film production covering client testimonials and interviews, company branding videos, television and web focused commercials, process videos that really help sell – but we do pretty much anything you can imagine for your video’s needs.

Ready to move forward with commercial production for your Abilene business?


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Previously, Hamil Bros Studios operated solely in Lubbock, but our company is growing and we have expanded to provide our expert video production services to Abilene TX and all of West Texas with our level of quality, creativity, and customer service.  If you’re wondering how to get started with commercials or video for your Abilene company, give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll help guide you on the path that will help you get the best results.  With a combined 30+ years experience in the video and film production industry, we have refined and streamlined the process to get your Abilene TX company results.


We are happy to provide Abilene TX with professional B2B commercial video content, corporate video production, tv commercial production, product videos, social media campaigns, animation, and anything else your business could need.  Our goal is for you to get the best quality possible so your marketing dollars yield the maximum potential for your ROI.


From effective client testimonials and interviews to help reinforce potential clients’ confidence to branding videos for your business that help you differentiate your Abilene TX company from the competition, we are focused on producing content that delivers. Full service video production for Abilene TX, West Texas, and all neighboring major cities is our status quo.

High Quality Video Production for Abilene TX

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What do we bring to Abilene with our video production services?  We’re glad you asked!

Hey Abilene!  What are you really doing when you hire a video production company?  More importantly – who are you hiring?

The answer, if you’re doing it right, is that you’re hiring experienced professionals.  Realistically, anyone can buy a high quality video camera for a reasonable price these days.  The barrier to entry is low.  What sets a professional apart is creativity, structure, visual discipline, and – of course – experience.

That’s the real secret to almost anything.  Hire the best people for the best quality.  Ultimately, the experience and quality of the company you hire for your videos will probably directly correspond with the quality of the final project.  Of course, that translates into something even more important – your business’ image and branding.  If the first thing that people see – or remember – about your Abilene company is the impression and engagement they have with your content, how important is it to make the best possible impression on your potential customers?  We think it’s the most important thing in the world.

That is exactly what we are here to offer your Abilene company with our full service video production company.  This is not only our job – but our passion.  We don’t believe in “phoning it in”.  We’d rather lose a job than do a bad job.  We understand that there are limitations for marketing budgets and that’s why it’s so important to us that you get the best value that can be done for your dollars.  We want to build a long lasting business relationship with you.  We want to be your go-to company for video production and all related visual services.


Did you know that a person, on average, watches more than 16 hours of video content online every week?

How many people are you reaching with video in that time?

The steps and process for video production success for your Abilene TX business

Hamil Bros Studios brings some of the highest quality and latest technology to your video production for your Abilene business.  Incredible cameras and lensing capture the fantastic lighting that makes you and your on-screen talent look their best.  Pro audio solutions will help your video production stand out from your competition – and it all starts with our collective decades of film and video production industry experience.  Our top level editing process brings your whole project together for an incredible finished product.

Need help getting started?

Planning and pre-production for Abilene TX
We’re great at guiding our clients through the various stages of video production to make the whole process painless.  It all starts with the planning and “pre-production” – as it’s called in the biz.  This covers things like identifying the concept, the message, the look and feel, the best way to communicate your message to properly engage your audience.

Video production filming for Abilene TX
The next step comes the actual production.  We bring everything that’s needed to make your video production a great success.  The camera, the lenses, the lighting and stands, audio equipment, art department and set dressing, hair and make up – as needed, teleprompters, and anything else that’s required for the project.  Whatever needs to happen to bring your ideas to life, it’s on our list to have ready. 

The best audio for Abilene TX
We put an emphasis on the project as a whole and leave nothing to chance.  Every component is important when it comes to visually capturing your project.  The best camera in the world won’t save a project if the audio is bad.  The best audio in the world won’t save a project if the location, art, wardrobe, etc is bad.  So we value it all.  We make sure that everything is covered and that you, as our client, are covered.

Post-production for Abilene TX
Let’s wrap things up for your video production with the editing and post-production process.  Get ready to know the socks off of everyone in Abilene!  Our editing is really top-notch.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out some of our finished videos here.  The editing stage of video production is where it all comes together.  We use the same video editing programs that major Hollywood films get edited on – and pretty much anything you’ll see on Netflix. 

Animation and VFX for Abilene TX
If your project needs animation, we can do it.  Maybe some motion graphics?  Not a problem – we can do that too.  Visual effects (VFX) are a lot of work but definitely worth the effort.  Want to see some of our VFX and animation work?  Check out the video directly above!

Our priorites for your Abilene business video production
The quality videos produced for your Abilene business are our top priority.
Realistically, like anything in life, you’re going to get what you pay for – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to cost a fortune or that you won’t get great value.  We are here to provide a great ROI ratio by delivering engaging content that connects with your audience.


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Exceptional customer support for Abilene TX
If you have questions about the video production process, that’s okay!  We’re here to help.  Our customer service is excellent and we’re more than happy to explain the process, answer any questions you have, and provide references that make you comfortable with all of the methods and details that are part of your project.  Just because we’re used to this, doesn’t mean that you know all of the ins and outs of the film biz.  Don’t worry, though.  That’s exactly why we’re here.

hamil bros video production camera preparation on film shoot - abilene tx

A little bit of FAQ…

Worried about some of the questions?

Here are some of the question you might have but are afraid to ask…  (and their answers)

What’s the difference between 4K, HD, UHD, 1080p and all of those other letters and numbers?

4K and all those other referenced numbers and letters refer to the resolution of the final video.  4K is the current high end resolution standard.  A lot of things that are streaming online and on tv are still 1080p – aka HD.  720p can also be considered HD and that’s where the numbers come in to help with some of that confusion.

Ultimately the higher the number, the more pixels and resolution the video will have.

So with all of the “P” stuff?  Which letters and numbers are needed with that?

The “p” that most often follows a resolution number or a smaller number like 24p or 60p confirms that the camera is shooting progressive frames.  This differentiates the footage from the older technology of the late 90s early 00s when interlaced footage was still common for video capture and for video content delivery.  Nowadays, most everything you’ll find is a full progressive frame.

With the smaller numbers like 23.976, 23.98, 24, 29.97, 30, 59.98, 60 – that refers to the frame rate of the camera.  The most common numbers for those are 23.976, 23.98 (which is just 23.976 rounded out to two decimal places), and 24p.

The prior standard was 29.97 or 30 frames per second in the video world but the 24 frames per second (or fps) is now the industry standard for almost all video production.

How far in advance do we need to plan before we do the video production shoot and how long will it take?  Can we shoot this tomorrow?

That’s a great question!  While we can work on short notice, there’s rarely ever a benefit from executing a video shoot at the last minute.  The amount of prep time usually depends on the variables in play for the shoot.  The more complicated it is and the more elements that need to be arranged, usually requires more time to prepare.  Generally speaking, at least two weeks of prep is a comfortable place.  This allow time for proper planning, casting, wardrobe, locations, lighting prep, script drafting and revision, and so many other elements that go into the process.

Can I be the star of the video?  Or do we have to hire an actor?

Sure, you can!  That’s absolutely up to you.  You can be the star, if you want.  It really all kind of depends on the nature of your video production and what you want the end result to be.  Something that can help for anyone that isn’t a professional actor – or comfortable on camera, is a teleprompter to help with lines so everything doesn’t have to be memorized.  We can provide that for upcoming shoots, if it’s needed.

Some of our many available services in Abilene, TX:

Corporate videos – 
If your Abilene business needs high quality video – we are ready to cover your corporate video needs with our full service video production team.

– Aerial drone videography –
We can provide stunning aerial footage in Abilene for your business or commercial needs and achieve used to be financially and logistically unattainable.

– Product Videos –
Showcase your products in the best light with pro photography and commercial videos.  We’re ready to make Abilene shine!

– Keynote and Conference Video Coverage –
This is a great way to reinforce your brand, monetize your existing content, or grow your audience with expert capture of your keynote and conference presentations.

– Television commercials –
The tried and true backbone of the video production business is still alive and well. If your Abilene business need a television commercial produced, we can make it happen.

– Web commercials –
Not unlike television commercials – but generally with lower costs for airtime and distribution to get your content seen.

– Branding videos –
Make the best possible first impression with your clients, customers, investors, and partners with a well-produced branding video for your company. People’s attention spans are short so it’s important to deliver your message as effectively as possible.

– Training videos –
Well produced training videos yield effective results for your viewers. 

More video services and related solutions for your Abilene, TX business

– Short films –
We love making art! If you are needing production services for your short film, we’d love to talk with you about your project.

– Music videos –
Music is definitely a passion of ours so making music videos is something we obviously love. Creativity and artistic visions come to life with our team’s collaboration.

– Motion graphics –
Sometimes videos and visual content needs an extra push. Motion graphics can be that secret sauce to give your videos the extra kick and win over your audience.

Animation / Visual Effects / VFX
From simple modifications to 30 foot robots, we can craft some visual effects, CGI, or animations that set your final project apart from your competition.

– On-set audio –
Without good audio, it kind of doesn’t matter how good your visuals are. Pro audio recording and capture is massively important and we’ve got you covered for this!

– Post production audio –
We provide post audio services including voiceover recording, mixing, mastering, music, sound effects, audio clean up, and more.

So Abilene…  What’s the story your business needs to share?
Contact us now! (806) 855-3741 or send us a message on our contact page.

satisfied clients for video production

What our clients are saying…


“Hamil Bros is THE company for commercial video production. They’re on top of their game and always pushing for the best possible result.”

“Hollywood quality – excellent in all aspects of the video shoot. Very efficient and knowledgeable in their field.”

“Hamil Bros Studios has gone above and beyond to help us grow. The quality of videos they have produced are unsurpassed. The sound, lighting and attention to detail are superb as well as their ability to work with those with no experience. I would strongly recommend Hamil Bros Studios for your next project. Ross and Jacob will not disappoint!”

“Hamil Bros is a very efficient team of professionals that goes the extra mile to make sure the client is happy. I have worked with them several times and each has exceeded my expectations. Excellent team over there.”

“Their passion for true film making is evident in every project and every detail. 11/10 would recommend these guys! If you are looking for legitimate, quality production, this is THE company to book!”

I trust the Hamil Brothers with a with variety of the projects we undertake. From complex legal exhibits to productions promoting our philanthropic endeavors, they deliver a top notch product, every time. We highly recommend them!”


We’re proud to provide video services to Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas of West Texas.

Our dedication to supporting the businesses of Abilene TX and neighboring areas is paramount.  We look forward to working with you on your project.

Have any questions? Ready to get started with your project?
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