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How is it already the end of June?? Goodness! Welcome to our project post for our new video content creation for the Dobbs Law Firm in Odessa, TX. If you have followed us for some time now, we’ve been blessed to work with Spencer Dobbs and his wonderful team since 2017. It’s been amazing hearing their clients tell their stories and also watching their brand grow. We call this a content creation post because it entailed a lot of different videos, not just standard 30 second ads. We did deliver several 30 second spots, but we also did long forms of his testimonials (which we normally do as well). Where his new videos deviated from the past is that we also did some content to help him build trust in his market. We’ll get to that in a moment. For now, check out the ads and see what we got up to!

Now for the full length testimonials. These videos will live on his website where potential customers can go to hear the full story, not just the 30 second version.

We’ll watch the “trust building video” and then talk about why we went that route. 

Why do you think we produced this particular video for Spencer? I’m glad you asked! The reasoning is pretty simple, actually. We do these to help the customer push into new spaces with their marketing. It’s not a hard sell kind of video, but it shows that they’re willing to invest in their community. This is just good, basic information you need to know if you or someone you know gets a serious injury and needs to contact an attorney. The way it builds trust is that the audience learns or is reminded of some basic, yet valuable information. If or when this tragedy strikes that person, they are better prepared. It also gets people to think about where they’ll go if or when they need a personal injury attorney. Go with the guy that helped prepare you! Like we said, this is not a hard sell type of video, but it’s really great for your brand. You do, however, have to walk a fine line between giving good information and giving trade secrets. The latter doesn’t help, usually. It also helps build trust when you’re the first to give. Sure your competitors might rip you off, but you still did it first. It’s something to think about when building content for your brand!


If you want help creating your video content for your brand or business, give us a call and we’ll make you shine. Head over to our contact page and fill out the form! 


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