Spring Creek Ministries – Courtney Lee Testimonial

We’ve done a LOT of work for Spring Creek Ministries over the last 5 years. It’s our Dad’s non-profit organization and the journey of this ministry has been a delight to document. One of Dad’s long standing relationships through the ministry is with Matt and Courtney Lee in Midland, Texas. Here is Courtney giving her Testimonial of Spring Creek Ministries.

It was so powerful. I’m not going to lie, I definitely teared up when we filmed this back in August of 2018. The impact Spring Creek Ministries has on lives is incredible and we’re very fortunate to be related to that. Our goal in this video was to help inform people who aren’t familiar with Spring Creek the kind of ministry it is. There is a BROAD variety of things Spring Creek does for people they work with. We like to film these testimonials so either people who need the ministry or people who want to know more can learn more about what they do. If you feel moved to donate to the ministry, you can do that here!

Double Up

We did this shoot in tandem with our Highway 285 shoot for Spencer Dobbs. Matt and Courtney were nice enough to let us shoot the ad on their property and we have been trying to get a testimonial from Courtney for some time. If you can imagine, she stays pretty busy with those precious twin girls, Kaitlyn and Kynadi. It worked out where we could knock out this much needed testimonial and Spencer’s ad in the same day.

We always suggest that our clients create a video inventory of testimonials from people who choose to use them. People who believe in your product or service will sell it better than anyone else. We believe in this so much that we even have our clients do it for us! If you want to get working on some client testimonials, give us a shout through our contact page! We’d love to work with you to put that inventory together!


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