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American Heart Association : Zayne McCall’s Survivor Story

2022 has kicked off with a BANG in the video production world of Hamil Bros Studios. Right at the end of 2021, we were approached by the Lubbock Chapter of the American Heart Association about producing a Survivor Story for their Lubbock Heart Ball. Telling stories like this is one of the things we do best, so we jumped right in. Check out the video below!

What a story, right? If you’d like to donate to the American Heart Association, you can give that gift here

The production was a relatively cut and dry, interview driven story. The content, however was really what drove this video so well. We were really lucky to get to meet the McCalls and hear their stories about Zayne. If I can sum up Zayne in a single phrase it would be “Defies all odds.” Telling his story was VERY important to not only help make an impact on people who may not have experienced heart disease or defects, but also to give hope to the people who are struggling with that situation. 

We LOVE doing this sort of work to help Non-Profit organizations raise funds to keep blessing people. If you want to give your brand a spit shine like it’s never seen before, give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you! 


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