Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK Part 1 of 2!

Welcome to the second half of our Brink Fleet –  Merkel STRIKES BACK blog post! If you haven’t read part one, make sure and click here to read it in conjunction with this post.

The Sting

It took us several weeks to get Merkel back to Lubbock to finish out video production the spots. Once we got him here, the production fell into place. It was a sunny, yet windy (20 mph winds), West Texas Sunday afternoon. Merkel Arrived from San Angelo and we got all set and ready to shoot Brink Fleet’s “The Sting”, featuring a reprised Sleazy Car Salesman Role with Dr. Kregg Fehr.

Kregg helped bring this Brink Fleet ad to life with his hilarious and entertaining personality. It probably took us longer than it should have due to the fact that we were having to cut because Kregg kept hitting us with unexpected / hilarious lines and takes. It’s awesome to know that you have talent that you don’t have to worry about because they’re going to deliver way above and beyond your wildest dreams. Both Kregg and Reed did this spectacularly! As mentioned before, that day was particularly windy, which meant we were going to have to do some more ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). In this Process, we bring a character into the studio, let’s say Merkel for instance, and we set him up with a microphone. He has a visual (computer monitor) and audio (headphones) queue to which he can speak his lines. This allows us to recreate his dialogue in a better environment (without the wind) over which we have better control . This also allows for the character to give different vocal inflections or different reads of his lines without having to re-shoot that particular shot or scene over and over, especially if the scene is visually perfect. While the ADR was being recorded Ross was in his office doing the Visual Effects (VFX). The best visual effects are the ones you never notice. This is exact case for this particular ad. 

The last piece to our puzzle was to have Kregg come in and do his ADR. It’s such an amazing and possibly magical process. It was very interesting to see his reaction to watch the audio conform to the production audio. He, as always, was very entertaining and we had a great time working with him!

Merkel Gets Ripped Off

After we shot with Dr. Fehr, we contacted Julie Levy, Denny Brink’s (Owner of Brink Fleet) daughter, to bring us a wonderful little convertible for Merkel. We had a lot of fun shooting this ad and again, to our luck, Reed pulled off some really incredible acting.

This ad took on a new form that we hadn’t really done before. Most of the Brink Fleet ads have been purely comedy or even gotten into a bit darker comedy (which is where our mind’s typically lie). This took a sad turn that we didn’t expect. During shooting the original Misadventures of Merkel Dergler ads, our brother, Reed (Merkel Dergler) told us he could make himself cry on command and proved it! So, we took advantage of it… We had too much fun crafting the idea of what if Merkel was stopped so hard in a car that his mustache came off on the steering wheel. At the end of the shoot, we shot Merkel’s teary gaze has he had lost his mustache. Frankly, it was difficult for either of us not to cry. Reed truly went to some other place to bring this sadness and it was HEARTBREAKING! He, really and truly, is terribly talented at crying and it gave us a great emotional twist to the end of this ad!

We always hope you’re entertained with a little video production behind the scenes look into our minds/ sets as we craft these “out of the box ads” for Brink Fleet! We certainly aren’t done with Merkel any time soon and we’re hoping to get him a little more exposure in 2016 as opposed to 2015!

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