Brink Fleet Lubbock, TX

The Misadventures of Merkel Dergler

Busy is slowly and steadily becoming our middle name here at Hamil Bros Studios. For the last several weeks, we have been hammering out three of the strongest ads we’ve ever produced for a new customer, Brink Fleet, here in Lubbock.



Our contact with Brink Fleet actually started back in October of last year (2014) at Carmageddon, a giant car show, auto auction, and autocross. The night before the official show began we were asked to be a part of an auction in which the proceeds would be going to children’s miracle network. We decided we would offer a production package up for auction and to our luck, Denny Brink from Brink Fleet bid and won the deal!
 In June of 2014, Denny called to ask us a little more about what he had won. So we gave him a breakdown and told us he loved our product. We met with him at Brink Fleet and talked a little more. He told us our most favorite thing to hear when it comes to clients: “You guys tell me what I want.” We had an idea that Ross had been sitting on for about 4 years now.
We decided shooting a spec spot would be our best bet to get our idea across. Sometimes, when it comes to explaining an idea, we don’t do the idea justice verbally, especially when it comes to visual comedy. So, a spec spot would be the perfect way to show what we were going to do for Brink Fleet with little verbal explanation. Our brother, Reed, happened to be in town when we decided to shoot, and who better to use when you need a character on camera? He gladly obliged and Ross began figuring out his wardrobe.
Throughout the shoot we wanted Reed to be a comedic target that people expect to see get into trouble and thus was born, the character, Merkel Dergler. A guy who cuts corners on car deals (and probably cuts his own hair) and it always comes back to bite him. If only Merkel would go to Brink Fleet and buy a good car for a good deal. Reed was a joy to have on set and continually made us laugh, even during the first shoot.
We got the “Fred’s List” ad put together and took it to the fine folks at Brink Fleet so they could see what we intended to do for them. What we hadn’t planned on was Reed creating a fantastic character in the process of putting this ad together. Thus, we decided to make our first series of ads featuring the same character!
From there all we had to do was think of ridiculous situations a person could get into by not buying a car from a reliable source. Thus the Misadventures of Merkel Derlger were born.
We had a fantastic cast comprised for these Brink Fleet Spots! Of course, Reed played Merkel, Kregg Fehr was the part of the crazy salesman, Abby Johnson played Merkel’s blind date, and Don Rogers played the not-murderer.
We laughed a lot til we cried and produced three of the strongest ads to come out of Hamil Bros Studios. Brink Fleet is an awesome customer and we had a crazy blast shooting these ads.
We couldn’t have added the icing to the Brink Fleet cake without Ryan Ramon (aka Cinnamon Butter) of Ramon Voice Overs. He always does us an incredible job! Huge thumbs up to the work he’s doing and we’re so glad to collaborate with him!
As always, we appreciate the support you all give us! To keep up to date with our shoots and other craziness, feel free to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Hamil Bros Studios Youtube Channel.
In the meantime, enjoy a few of these awesome bloopers!


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