Sweet Dreams- Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Submission

We have been hard at work here at Hamil Bros Studios. The worst kind of busy is the busy that you have to keep a secret. If you follow our Facebook Page and Twitter Account, you will notice over the last week that we’ve been posting some photos from a secret project. GOOD NEWS! It’s no longer a secret! We are very proud to announce that we are submitting an ad for the Doritos Crash the SuperBowl contest! Follow the link, watch it, rate it, tweet it, share it, watch it again, and tag your friends! Voting for the project will begin January 5, 2016!


Over the last several years, Doritos has been very smart in their advertising for the SuperBowl. Instead of having their own people do an ad, they’ve asked the general public to write, shoot, edit, and submit their own ad ideas. The SuperBowl Doritos ads in the years past have been insanely funny!

About four weeks ago, we finally sparked an idea that we could shoot for this campaign. We wish we would have thought of it months ago, but, that’s how we roll some times. Ross got the ad written in a matter of a few hours and we started calling talent, scheduling, and arranging shoots. This Doritos ad stars the very lovely, Mandy Roberts! Mandy is a very talented, local cosplayer who agreed to help us with the ad. As you can tell, she acted fantastically and we could not have made this ad happen without her. Thanks Mandy!

Primary photography for this Doritos ad began about 3 weeks ago during a spec shoot to pitch to one of our clients. We had the hair-brained idea of a guy proposing to this girl with a Nacho Cheese Dorito. You can see where that took us. We concluded primary photography on Friday, November 13th… Ooooo Spooky, right? Right.

Then it was down to sound design, color grade, and VFX. Those all came out relatively easily!

There are a LOT of behind the scenes people who never show their faces in this ad, but contributed a HUGE amount of help to make this production happen.

First off, we owe a HUGE debt of gratitude towards our wonderful parents who have let us destroy their living room for the sake of film (just moving furniture, bringing lights in, etc).

We also thank our AWESOME intern Massiel, who helped us with our first shoot, by taking stills and pictures for the behind the scenes!

Next, to Cassie Johnston from Alstrom Angels (see more here) for always being a HUGE supporter of our work as well as supplying extras in the form of her family and friends on very short notice.

We thank Penny Jones and the Legacy Event Center for letting us shoot our wedding shots in front of their venue!

Last, but not least, we thank our families, for allowing us the long nights and weekends for shooting.

To all of you who support us each and every day, we cannot thank you enough for your encouragement! We ask you to share and rate our Doritos ad at 5 stars!

We always appreciate your support and feedback about what we do so please leave a comment below and let us know what you think! To keep up to date with our daily stuff, make sure and check out our Hamil Bros Studios Facebook PageHamil  Bros Studios Twitter, and search #HamilBros on Instagram!


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