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One of the best relationships we’ve created for our video production business has been with Jessica Rule of SHK The Advertising Firm! She has been instrumental in connecting us with some great businesses in the Permian Basin. Our most recent work with SHK put us in the sights of The Sales Team Realtors, A real-estate team based out of Midland, Tx.


On an unnaturally cold and wet April morning, we arrived at The Sales Team office. Right off the bat, we knew they were really stand up people. We first met Brian Sales and he was very generous to let us back our trailer right up to the front door to keep the gear out of the rain. Once we were backed up, we set to loading into the lobby area of The Sales Team office.

Now, for those of you who haven’t realized it by now, our load in time is much more than “coming in and plopping down a camera.” Which is why we’re asked on a near constant basis why we ask for an hour and a half load in time. For this particular video production, we brought in 2 750w ETC source fours, the Shane Hurlbut Batten Light, one 8×4 foam core front fill bounce board, two 1000w open face tungsten fixtures, 4 LED panels, a 4×4 frame with 1/4 grid cloth, our BlackMagic Design Production Camera Rig for shooting interviews, tripod, dolly rails, and another tripod with our BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera for catching B Roll around the office. Not only did we have to get it all inside the premises, we had to make sure and set it up correctly.

So, our lighting consisted of the 2 ETC fixtures blowing through the quarter grid diffusion camera right as the key light for the interviewee(s). Then the 2 1Kw fixtures bounced into the 8x foam core bounce as the fill. We then took the batten fixture and set it behind the front desk as a ground level “up light” to fill the back wall. Then we brought in one of our daylight balanced LED panels and set it to give a nice hair light to the subject. From there, we took marked the LED panel placement, took the panel out, and ran to one of the offices to set up all 4 LED panels along with the Pocket cinema camera to capture B Roll.

From there, we bounced around the Sales Team office between the “A Camera” interview set up and the “B Camera” B Roll set ups. This was a really interesting shoot and we tackled it fairly well. We were thoroughly impressed with what these interviewees had to say about their experience with The Sales Team. It was funny that nearly all of them referred to them as Brian And Laura, because their relationships are so deep, it’s past referring to them as a company name. Their language gave huge reference to the fact that they are your friend when you decide to work with them. Each set of interviews was so amazing in that they all had their own unique way of saying the same exact thing about The Sales Team. To us, that speaks GREAT BUSINESS!

Once we covered the interviews, it was a quick lunch, then off to our house locations for the afternoon. We shot in two different houses that afternoon, but we were met with a challenge. We needed to capture the interaction between The Sales Team and their customers, but not sell too much of the homes. Because, given the nature of the housing market in Midland, TX, those homes very well could have sold from the time we shot to the time the ads hit the air. Also, the focus of these spots was not to sell homes, but to sell the friendliness and reliability of The Sales Team. With the interviews being so fantastic, we didn’t have to worry about that at all.

Once both houses were shot, we headed back to Lubbock in order to get them edited and turned over for approval. We really enjoy the look and the color in these ads! We hope you enjoyed them as well. The Sales Team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to doing more business with them!

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