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Like a lot of people, you realize that your organization needs video content, but, you may not be sure what it is that you need to maximize your marketing dollars. If you need it, we can video it.

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Types of Videos

We offer a wide variety of video services for your business’ or organization’s needs.

TV/Web Commercials

Brand Stories

Short Films/Music Videos

Other Services

We offer a wide array of additional services, beyond our full-service production options.
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Video Only

Sometimes, you don’t need a full-service script/shoot/edit. In this case, you can hire Hamil Bros Studios to simply capture the footage you need and have it turned over to you on a hard drive.

On-Set/Post Audio

You’ve already got your camera crew, but, you need a designated audio recordist. We can help. We are equipped for most production sound needs. Additionally, if you have a short film, promotional film, commercial, etc., that you want to really take up a notch, post production audio is often key. Let Hamil Bros Studios help you up your gain in the audio realm.

Motion Graphics

If you already have a logo for your business/organization, you may want to have that logo animated to help catch attention on your social media pages or website. We can, also, do content animation if you need some additional visuals for an explainer video.

Visual Effects

When people talk about visual effects, they often think of explosions, gun shots, and space ships. While it can transport your character to a completely different location, it can be something as simple as “Photoshopping” a microphone out of a shot or removing a plug on a wall that is unsightly.

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