Claraboya Scratch Kitchen | Fall Menu Photography | 2023

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In 2020, the transformation of our local downtown hotel into the Doubletree University Area marked the beginning of a captivating collaboration. Our lens has been deeply focused on capturing the essence of this establishment through still photography, particularly with a keen emphasis on showcasing the culinary delights of its exquisite restaurant, Claraboya Scratch Kitchen and Bar.

While food photography wasn’t our initial forte, Jacob’s evolving passion for photography led us to discover a remarkable talent for capturing stills. Our commitment to this hotel is evident in every aspect, from property photos to our primary focus on highlighting the gastronomic wonders within Claraboya.

A significant milestone in our journey with Claraboya emerged in 2020 when Jacob began capturing stills for Head Chef Antonio Piňa’s engaging cooking classes. This experience sparked a love for food photography, ultimately securing our role as the exclusive photographer for Claraboya’s mouthwatering menu. Trust us when we say, the food is nothing short of INCREDIBLE; a culinary adventure waiting for those who haven’t indulged yet.

This fall marked our 5th or 6th round of menu still photos, a delightful undertaking that’s both challenging and rewarding. While our expertise lies in lighting and shooting, we acknowledge the pivotal role of food staging. Fortunately, Chef Tony and his culinary team share our passion for visual presentation as much as they do for taste.

Our collaborative process unfolds with meticulous lighting setup to maintain continuity in each menu. Chef Tony and his team craft each dish with precision, presenting them at the strategically chosen corner of the bar, adding captivating textures to our photos. The journey doesn’t end there – after we work our magic, the serving staff gathers to taste-test each dish, ensuring they can passionately recommend these culinary delights to patrons.

With almost four years and countless photos behind us, we take immense pride in the final results of our food photography. While it wasn’t part of our original business plan, we’ve become experts in making food look as delectable as it tastes. If you own a restaurant and aspire to elevate your menu with stunning visuals, we are your go-to partner. Let us help you make your dishes not only taste amazing but look absolutely irresistible.


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