This past weekend, Filmscape Expo happened in Chicago. A while before it happened, John Morgan from Blueshape Batteries gave us a shout to see if we would be able to help him design some T shirts for the event. Blueshape Batteries sponsored the event, so John wanted some custom shirts made for folks who attended (and/or designed the T shirts). 

We took the call and decided to go with a design we had seen before from Matthews Studio Equipment. We loved the line art design of their lollipop shirt and decided to apply it to a Blueshape Granite Mini Battery for this event. 

Now all the graphic designers will probably roll their eyes at this, but I do all my graphic design in Adobe After Effects. Why would I do something so stupid? Well, several years ago at After Effects World in Seattle, one of the team members of After Effects told us to do our designing where we’re most efficient and comfortable. For me, that place is Adobe After Effects. Don’t you vector loving freaks lose sight! I take all my designs in AE, export them as photoshop layers, and then open them in Adobe Illustrator so I can create vector versions. Boom. See? You judged me too soon. 


Anyways, it was a fun little project that stretched my abilities slightly. I actually really want to do more designs like this because it was a really unique challenge. 


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