What does Hamil Bros Studios do?

We hear this question frequently. This page is designed to give you as much information as possible about what types of services we offer and find out they are what you are looking for.

This page is going to be broken up into two sections: Comprehensive Services and A La Carte Services.

Comprehensive Video Productions

When we say “comprehensive,” we literally mean that we will take your video from concept to delivery, and we can help you tell your story and deliver your message in a way that is better than you expect. This comes in many forms. Check out some of our different styles of video productions.


These are the simplest videos that we offer. We will come to your location, light it to look amazing, and have you tell your own story in a way that helps you build trust with your clients.

Brand Stories/Process

These videos are more involved. Rather than a single location within your facility, we will either take your clients on a tour of your business, or go through the process of how things are done. These can be specific to certain operations or an overview of your entire business.

TV/Web Commercials

These are the fun ones. This is where we use comedy, drama, suspense, or action to portray your business. You can think of these as miniature movies that will draw people to you.

Keynote Coverage

While there is nothing terribly flashy about these videos, they are great to have on hand. If you have a keynote, lecture, or training session that you want to be able to use at a later point in time, this is what you are looking for. Our ability to capture multiple cameras and edit all of the content together into any delivery format you could want, is a good way of preserving this information and saving you the time and money of having to repeat the event.

A La Carte Services

Below, we break out the pieces of the comprehensive video production options and will let you pick, a la carte, which pieces of these services you need.

Pre Production Services

Strategy and Consulting

Raise your hand if this statement fits you: “I know I need video to stay relevant, but, I don’t really know what that means.”

If this sounds like you, then, we can help you find the answers. There is no such thing as one type of magic video to help your brand/business. It takes time and research to discover what will work best for your business and, within a few meetings and some time, we can build a concept that will tell your story the way it needs to be told.

Location scouting

We’ve all seen videos where our first thought was, “Is that the ugliest place you could find to shoot in?”

Let us help you avoid this by setting up some location scouting. We will find locations that are conducive to your message and that will be visually pleasing to your audience.

Production Services

Straight shooting

You may not need the whole process. If you are simply looking for a camera, an operator, and the right team to make it look good, we have you covered.


Aerial/Drone Footage

We have partnered with some of the best aerial operators in the region. All of our drone operators are licensed and qualified.


Time Lapses

Let’s face it; time lapses are cool and they can add a definite sense of style to your videos.

Production Audio

A video can only be as good as the audio. We can help you capture your on-set audio at a level of quality that will save you budget so your post audio engineer doesn’t have to spend as much time “fixing” things.


Specialty roles:

  • Director/DP
  • Makeup
  • Camera Operator
  • Assistant Camera
  • Production Assistant

Post-Production Services

Basic Services

  • Video encoding
  • Format transfers
  • Video Reformatting


We can take your existing footage and give you something deliverable. 

Post Audio

Not only are we capable of doing post audio, we are certified in general audio engineering.  

Voice Over

Good voice talent is paramount when an off-screen voice is necessary to share your message. We offer the best.

Music licensing

Music is important. One of the biggest complaints we hear from prospective clients, is that they had an okay video done but, the music was either terrible or it didn’t fit, at all. We spend hours, if not days, scouring for the perfect, licensable music for your videos.

Motion Graphics

Nothing adds flare to your video like good motion graphics and animations.


Visual Effects

Simply put, it’s adding or taking away objects in the video frame. It’s the video equivalent of Photoshopping.


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