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Visual Effects or VFX is an area of the film industry that we have a LOT of passion about. You see visual effects every day whether it’s in your favorite movie or just in tiktok or snapchat videos you see. Visual effects (VFX) are any special effects added to a film using a computer. VFX typically combines live-action footage and manipulated or enhanced imagery to create realistic environments and characters. The main goal of VFX is to take something fake and make it look real, or at least believable.

There are many facets to VFX! The most obvious are adding explosions and 3D characters, or generating scenes that could otherwise not be shot in real life such as sci-fi space battle scenes. Some of the lesser known uses of visual effects are things like removing unwanted trash or objects from a scene. Everyone remembers the starbucks cup in the last season of Game of Thrones, right?

We have the expertise in taking visual, computer generated elements and compositing them into your final shot to make the audience believe it’s part of the scene. This compositing process is what bridges the gap between reality and imagination! It’s putting this robot below inside the Affinity Steel store and making sure he looks like he blends into the shot. 

Insert store bot

We have proficient experience in Adobe After Effects and we’re ready to tackle your project. Whether it’s removing unwanted cables out of a shot or setting your building on fire, we’ve got what it takes. 

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