Hey guys! Welcome to a new ongoing blog series we’re in the midst of planning. It’s simple, it’s “Movie of the Week”. You’re going to get some insight into us and our lives as we talk about movies. Movies are our passion and they are what got us into this business in the first place. Our parents and grandparents raised us on good ole fashion cinema and now we want to share that with you. The posts are not always going to be the same, and yes sometimes we may get a little into more of the dirty cinematography details, but we’re designing this to hopefully get you to watch some new or different movies. We want to get you out of your couch comfort zone and join us on this journey. The biggest thing we want to encourage is conversation!

Now, the thing to remember, is that there’s no telling what we’ll be talking about. It may be new, it may be old. We will, however, refrain from spoilers if the movie is relatively new. “Relatively new” is a fluid term and we’ll do our best not to spoil anything for anyone because, WE HATE SPOILERS!

We love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and reviews of cinematic things. Without further adieu, welcome to “Movie of the Week!”

Movie of the Week – 012 42

  Welcome to week 12 of Movie of the Week here at Hamil Bros Studios. We’ve fallen behind a little on this series due to a LOT of craziness happening. This week we’re going to talk about one of my favorite baseball films, “42” Starring: Chadwick Boseman and...

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Movie of the Week – 011 Monsters, Inc

Welcome to week 11 of Movie of the Week at Hamil Bros Studios. This week we’re covering one of my favorite animated films, Monsters, Inc. This film came out when I was in elementary and I fell in love with it. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me! This...

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Movie of the Week – 009 The Equalizer

Welcome to week 9 of our Movie of the Week Blog here at Hamil Bros Studios! This week I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite Denzel Washington films, “Equalizer” directed by Antoine Fuqua. Let’s get… EQUAL It’s okay, I’m cringing at that heading too, and I...

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Movie of the Week – 007 Skyfall

See what I did there?^ I definitely planned it and I don’t mind admitting that. Wow! We’re here at week 007 of Movie of the Week at Hamil Bros Studios and we’re so glad you’ve joined us this far! This week we cover my favorite film of ALL TIME, Skyfall. Queue the...

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Movie of the Week – 003 Deadpool

Welcome to week 3 of Movie of the week here on hamilbrosstudios.com. We hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as we’ve enjoyed reliving the nostalgia of these films by writing about them. This week’s recommendation is another comedy. Not just any comedy though, I think it...

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