Short Film in the Works

Short Film in the Works

Hey all! First off, we want to thank you for the support you show us every day. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the encouragement we receive. A week or so ago, we saw someone tweet a video about a really sweet short film contest for Rode Microphones...
Starting on a New Movie

Starting on a New Movie

If you have poked around our website much, you probably know that we aren’t just wedding videos and TV Commercials. We enjoy short films and are working toward feature-length films. Over the last few months, the progress on one movie ended and another began. We...

Too Many Flies

This last week, I was presented with an opportunity to to a visual effects sequence for a short film out of London, England. Yesterday, I completed and delivered the sequence. All I can tell you at this point is that my job was to attack an actress with a swarm of...

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