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If you haven’t had a chance yet, we strongly recommend you check out our first blog in this series on Lighting the WunderTRE(k).

Flashing the the Flasher

As you know from the Locations Blog, we had quite a problem with the flasher’s alley. That problem, however, wasn’t so big we couldn’t overcome it. Our main concern was lighting with no available power. Thank goodness for V Lock Batteries (Shoutout to Blueshape Batteries). We knew we could battery power the Fiilex P360’s and that was our plan for the alley. It took some work, but essentially we only used three lights in the entire scene. Pretty minimal! Our Key light was a Fiilex P360 at 3200k on about 80% punch. We found out that the power draw at 100% was zapping the life out of the batteries and basically drawing more power than they could output, so the lights would beginning systematically flashing on and off. Once we backed down the draw on the batteries, we were fine. We decided this was really all we needed for a key light and wanted to give a little depth and light to the background where Coby would run after being flashed by Mike. Just above the dumpster in the back ground, we boomed another Fiilex P360 at 3200k on about 80% punch. You can actually see this light in the video, but it just looks like another weird street lamp in an alley. 

Let the Flashing Begin!

Finally, my personal favorite light was the LED panel that we strapped to Mike’s chest with a GoPro chest mount. We wanted to simulate Mike having “Digital Marketing” in his “peepcoat”, so we balanced that puppy to 5200k and turned it on about 60%. Then when Mike opened the jacket, the light blasted Coby right in the eyes.

The Sun at the WunderTRACK

The WunderTRACK proved to be a little more than our crew of four could handle. Originally we had planned to fly an 8×8 half soft frost as a diffusion for the sun. The wind, however, had other plans in mind. We were lucky that the weather was mostly overcast, but let a little sunlight through. We managed pretty well to get all our shots in the can and move on with our lives!

Board Game Lights and Dazzle

The Board Game Scene was shot in our parents’ kitchen and there is a LOT of natural light in that kitchen. For once, the natural light was actually very beneficial. This was a one shot in one take, so we didn’t have to match sun position to other shots. We decided to open up all the windows and set up our Aputure 300D with the spacelight. We used the included skirt to cut light off the back wall. Again, this was a very minimal lighting setup since we wanted it to look high key or low contrast.


It’s true! When you sign up for any of WunderTRE’s services, you become part of the WunderTRE(k) Leveling System. With that, you get a game board to track your progress at your business headquarters. This lighting setup was virtually the same as the board game scene with a few tweaks. We moved the Aputure 300D and space light closer to Coby. This keyed and filled his face to the point of not needing a front fill. We did throw up a 1K tungsten with a full CTB (color temperature blue / daylight gel) to fill the background. This was later in the shoot day and we were losing some of the ambient light we loved so much. Therefore, we had to augment.

Follow the White WunderTRE

Okay, that was a poorly executed “Matrix” reference to the White Rabbit. Go ahead, mock us. The Nerdy Work Scene was lit with only two lights. We keyed it with the Aputure 300D, Light Dome, Silk, and the honeycomb. We chose to honeycomb because it allowed us to take light off of the computer array without having to fly a flag. We love that honeycomb. We chose to back light coby with a 1×1 LED Panel with a doubled up steel blue gel. Obviously, the color grade took most of the color contrast out, but it still did its work!

Light up the Shower

Lighting the shower was another simple lighting setup. We needed efficiency on this day more than anything. We chose to light with a single Arri 300w Plus Fresnel with double wax paper. Fun tip, when you need to diffuse a light and don’t have any way to fly a diffusion frame, wax paper turns out to be a pretty useful diffusion! It’s obviously made for high heat and you can clamp it right onto the light. It softened up the shadows just enough for our liking for this shoot.

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