We Have a New Project!

Did you see our new project post about Hub City Spokes, the New Podcast we partnered with our local EDC Lubbock Economic Development Alliance? Well if you haven’t seen it, you can head over to check it out here! 

It was a really awesome project of which to be a part! First of all, we want YOU to listen to it and give us your feedback. It will help us make season 2 an even more enjoyable listening experience for our audience! 

 We really appreciate LEDA and all they did to make this happen. The coolest part for us was being guests on the actual podcast! We’re episode 15 of season 1 of Hub City Spokes and what an honor it was to talk about Lubbock and how it’s the perfect place to grow. 

 We really want to hear your thoughts on the episode! You can either watch it below or click on the image and it will take you to it on apple podcasts. If that doesn’t work for you, click here and you can find it on the podcasting service of your choice! 

If you’re wanting to up your visual game for your business or entity, we’re the guys to talk to! Head over to our contact page and give us a shout! We’d love to sit down and talk! 


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