Hey! Welcome! You are now traversing the vast expanse of the known Hamil Bros Universe! I don’t know what I’m talking about, but hey, you’re still reading at this point, right?

What’s going on!

We just got to do some work for GermBlast who we met on the set of Hub City Spokes Season 3! They contacted us after the podcast released and decided they wanted to take us on directly to help them produce added value content for their clients. We’ll get to what added value content is and why it’s important here in a moment, but first we have to thank them for being so awesome to us while we were on set and since we’ve been on set. Thank you GermBlast! Secondly, we can’t share the actual final product, because it’s added value for their loyal customers. In this case, “added value content” is where once you’re their customer, they also have content created to keep you educated on what they do. In short, GermBlast does disinfection and sanitation for businesses, schools, churches, hospitals, etc. If you have a big space that needs disinfecting, they can help you out. If that interests you, check them out on their website here.


We highly encourage added value content for your customers, because it’s a great way to build trust. I always love products from companies who choose to give me more than what I paid for in the form of information. While we can’t actually show the final product here, we can show the screen grabs from the shoot. 

We LOVE GermBlast’s location. It’s a mix of modern and industrial and it’s a breath of fresh air from the 70s wood paneled walls we run into on occasion.  It made for interesting background texture for our shots, but also managed to keep us in their brand colors. If you’re interested in doing added value content for your customers, give us a shout! We’d love to sit down and talk with you. 


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