Too Many Flies

This last week, I was presented with an opportunity to to a visual effects sequence for a short film out of London, England. Yesterday, I completed and delivered the sequence. All I can tell you at this point is that my job was to attack an actress with a swarm of...

Fun at Our Grandparents House

  What do you do when your at your grandparents house over Thanksgiving with 3 brothers, a cousin, and a camcorder? You shoot a short film 🙂               Hamil Bros Studio has Fun at Our Grandparents House in Lubbock, TX-...
The Hostage BTS and Bloopers

The Hostage BTS and Bloopers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good blooper reel? With 7 days worth of shooting, how could we not get a great blooper reel? Enjoy the many faces of James Wheeler.     The Hostage BTS and Bloopers from Hamil Bros Studios Video Production in Lubbock, TX –...

LCU Soccer

We were approached by Lubbock Christian University’s Student Senate to put a video together to promote getting people out to the soccer games. This presented us with an opportunity to try some new things. We think it turned out pretty cool 😉      ...

The Hostage

What A Week! Well, last night, we premiered our first short film at the 2013 Modern Pioneer Film Festival with Tim Day ( It won the festival and we were asked to do an interview and panel. This was truly an incredible experience and we hope to have...

Something A Little Different

Hey guys, It has been a while. It has become rather apparent that blogging isn’t a habit that has been easy for me to get into. Lately, we have found a little break in the wedding video side of things and have ventured into making a short film. A few months ago,...

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