2016 Demo Reel

2015 was a crazy year for us here at Hamil Bros Studios! It was so crazy we couldn’t get an updated demo reel put together until these last few weeks. Today, we’re excited to present our updated 2016 Demo Reel for all your eyeballs and earballs.

It’s a little unreal to see how far we’ve come along since our last demo reel. 2015 was cram packed with new beginnings and more importantly, new relationships. It’s fun finally share this demo reel as it holds some very recent work and a little sneak peak at our future! We couldn’t have done this without all the amazing opportunities we were provided last year. The video production world is very tense at times, but we are better for it. This demo reel is really a testament to putting your mind towards your work and learning from your mistakes.

2015 started with a bang and it only really slowed down for just a little while. Within last year we shot with some truly amazing clients and projects including The Diamond Company, Alström Angels, Spring Creek Ministries, Carter’s Furniture, FirstBank & Trust, MTCU, Brink Fleet, Signature Stag, Unlock Ministries and Op Camp, Pecan Tree Partners, The Doritos Crash the Superbowl Submission, Giving Tuesday LBK, Hart Moving and Storage, and Mayor Glen Robertson for his Congressional Campaign. A significant amount of those play a huge part in this demo reel and in honing our craft as cinematographers and creative producers.

We look forward to creating even more new relationships and strengthening old ones in 2016. If you are a small business owner looking to give a boost to your business, we would love to talk to you. If you have friends that own a small business and know they need some out of the box ideas, please send them our way. We would be glad to take care of them for you.

We hope you enjoyed the demo reel and we always love YOUR feedback! In the meantime, if you want a little more day to day update on what’s going on with us, please make sure to check out our Hamil Bros Facebook Page, Hamil Bros Twitter, make sure to follow Ross’ Instagram and Jacob’s Instagram. If you enjoyed the demo and would like to check out more of our work, we’d love for you to stop by and subscribe to our Youtube channel.


Hamil Bros Studios Demo Reel 2016 – Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Texas


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