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Merkel Strikes Back 2

Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK! Part 2 of 2

Welcome to the second half of our Brink Fleet –  Merkel STRIKES BACK blog post! If you haven’t read part one, make sure and click here to read it in conjunction with More »

Merkel Strikes Back Part 1 Featured Image

Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK Part 1 of 2!

It’s no secret that we had a blast last year with Brink Fleet, producing our award winning Merkel Dergler Ads. Three ads shot over the course of several days and a couple nights More »


MTCU March Mania

At Hamil Bros Studios, we take our video work very seriously, but, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun. For their March Mania ad, MTCU, along with Jessica from SHK, let us More »

AAF Lubbock ADDY

AAF Lubbock ADDY Awards

VOTE FOR US! Today we are VERY EXCITED to share some news with all of you about our local Lubbock AAF ADDY Awards. Our Brink Fleet Misadventures of Merkel Dergler ads have More »

Demo Reel Still_BLOG

Hamil Bros Studios 2016 Demo Reel

2016 Demo Reel 2015 was a crazy year for us here at Hamil Bros Studios! It was so crazy we couldn’t get an updated demo reel put together until these last few More »

Star Trek Foley Blog Post

Star Trek- The Foley -est Thing

Over the last several months, we have been very busy here at Hamil Bros Studios. A very good friend of our’s, Mark Edward Lewis, gave us a call that would turn our world More »

Pecan Tree Partners Ending Title Still

Pecan Tree Partners Part 2 of 2 The Facility Tour

Just as we promised, our newest blog post covers the lighting at the facility tour at Pecan Tree Partners. If you haven’t read our first blog post (Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 More »

Giving Tuesday LBK

Several months ago, our good friend, Cassie Johnston of Alstrom Angels, gave us a call and asked if we could meet about sponsoring and producing an ad for Giving Tuesday LBK.   More »

Doritos Ad Featured image

Sweet Dreams- Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Submission

We have been hard at work here at Hamil Bros Studios. The worst kind of busy is the busy that you have to keep a secret. If you follow our Facebook Page More »

Pecan Tree Partners Ending Title Still

Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 of 2

At Hamil Bros Studios, we like to do things a little differently. In some cases, that means taking on jobs that are out of the ordinary. About a year and a half More »

Hamil Bros Studios 2016 Demo Reel

Demo Reel Still_BLOG

2016 Demo Reel

2015 was a crazy year for us here at Hamil Bros Studios! It was so crazy we couldn’t get an updated demo reel put together until these last few weeks. Today, we’re excited to present our updated 2016 Demo Reel for all your eyeballs and earballs.

It’s a little unreal to see how far we’ve come along since our last demo reel. 2015 was cram packed with new beginnings and more importantly, new relationships. It’s fun finally share this demo reel as it holds some very recent work and a little sneak peak at our future! We couldn’t have done this without all the amazing opportunities we were provided last year. The video production world is very tense at times, but we are better for it. This demo reel is really a testament to putting your mind towards your work and learning from your mistakes.

2015 started with a bang and it only really slowed down for just a little while. Within last year we shot with some truly amazing clients and projects including The Diamond Company, Alström Angels, Spring Creek Ministries, Carter’s Furniture, FirstBank & Trust, MTCU, Brink Fleet, Signature Stag, Unlock Ministries and Op Camp, Pecan Tree Partners, The Doritos Crash the Superbowl Submission, Giving Tuesday LBK, Hart Moving and Storage, and Mayor Glen Robertson for his Congressional Campaign. A significant amount of those play a huge part in this demo reel and in honing our craft as cinematographers and creative producers.

We look forward to creating even more new relationships and strengthening old ones in 2016. If you are a small business owner looking to give a boost to your business, we would love to talk to you. If you have friends that own a small business and know they need some out of the box ideas, please send them our way. We would be glad to take care of them for you.

We hope you enjoyed the demo reel and we always love YOUR feedback! In the meantime, if you want a little more day to day update on what’s going on with us, please make sure to check out our Hamil Bros Facebook Page, Hamil Bros Twitter, make sure to follow Ross’ Instagram and Jacob’s Instagram. If you enjoyed the demo and would like to check out more of our work, we’d love for you to stop by and subscribe to our Youtube channel.


Hamil Bros Studios Demo Reel 2016 – Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Texas

Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK! Part 2 of 2

Merkel Strikes Back 2

Welcome to the second half of our Brink Fleet –  Merkel STRIKES BACK blog post! If you haven’t read part one, make sure and click here to read it in conjunction with this post.

The Sting

It took us several weeks to get Merkel back to Lubbock to finish out video production the spots. Once we got him here, the production fell into place. It was a sunny, yet windy (20 mph winds), West Texas Sunday afternoon. Merkel Arrived from San Angelo and we got all set and ready to shoot Brink Fleet’s “The Sting”, featuring a reprised Sleazy Car Salesman Role with Dr. Kregg Fehr.

Kregg helped bring this Brink Fleet ad to life with his hilarious and entertaining personality. It probably took us longer than it should have due to the fact that we were having to cut because Kregg kept hitting us with unexpected / hilarious lines and takes. It’s awesome to know that you have talent that you don’t have to worry about because they’re going to deliver way above and beyond your wildest dreams. Both Kregg and Reed did this spectacularly! As mentioned before, that day was particularly windy, which meant we were going to have to do some more ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). In this Process, we bring a character into the studio, let’s say Merkel for instance, and we set him up with a microphone. He has a visual (computer monitor) and audio (headphones) queue to which he can speak his lines. This allows us to recreate his dialogue in a better environment (without the wind) over which we have better control . This also allows for the character to give different vocal inflections or different reads of his lines without having to re-shoot that particular shot or scene over and over, especially if the scene is visually perfect. While the ADR was being recorded Ross was in his office doing the Visual Effects (VFX). The best visual effects are the ones you never notice. This is exact case for this particular ad. 

The last piece to our puzzle was to have Kregg come in and do his ADR. It’s such an amazing and possibly magical process. It was very interesting to see his reaction to watch the audio conform to the production audio. He, as always, was very entertaining and we had a great time working with him!

Merkel Gets Ripped Off

After we shot with Dr. Fehr, we contacted Julie Levy, Denny Brink’s (Owner of Brink Fleet) daughter, to bring us a wonderful little convertible for Merkel. We had a lot of fun shooting this ad and again, to our luck, Reed pulled off some really incredible acting.

This ad took on a new form that we hadn’t really done before. Most of the Brink Fleet ads have been purely comedy or even gotten into a bit darker comedy (which is where our mind’s typically lie). This took a sad turn that we didn’t expect. During shooting the original Misadventures of Merkel Dergler ads, our brother, Reed (Merkel Dergler) told us he could make himself cry on command and proved it! So, we took advantage of it… We had too much fun crafting the idea of what if Merkel was stopped so hard in a car that his mustache came off on the steering wheel. At the end of the shoot, we shot Merkel’s teary gaze has he had lost his mustache. Frankly, it was difficult for either of us not to cry. Reed truly went to some other place to bring this sadness and it was HEARTBREAKING! He, really and truly, is terribly talented at crying and it gave us a great emotional twist to the end of this ad!

We always hope you’re entertained with a little video production behind the scenes look into our minds/ sets as we craft these “out of the box ads” for Brink Fleet! We certainly aren’t done with Merkel any time soon and we’re hoping to get him a little more exposure in 2016 as opposed to 2015!

If you’d like to keep up with our day to day shenanigans, you may do so by visiting our Hamil Bros Website, “Liking” the Hamil Bros Facebook Page, Following our Hamil Bros Twitter, and Subscribing to our Hamil Bros Youtube Channel!

While you’re thinking about all those things above, make sure and check out our Behind the scenes photos below!

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Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK! Part 2 of 2 – Hamil Bros Studios Professional Video Production – Lubbock, Texas

Brink Fleet – Merkel STRIKES BACK Part 1 of 2!

Merkel Strikes Back Part 1 Featured Image

It’s no secret that we had a blast last year with Brink Fleet, producing our award winning Merkel Dergler Ads. Three ads shot over the course of several days and a couple nights turned into something we couldn’t imagine was actually going to air. At Hamil Bros Studios High Quality Video Production, we LOVE to laugh, but our humor doesn’t always translate to being funny to other people. So, when the Misadventures of Merkel Dergler were so well received, Brink Fleet told us they wanted us to continue to see what sort of trouble Merkel could get into. Challenge accepted.


Typically, when we travel, we are really able to loosen up and come up with some wild ideas. So, we set our minds to coming up with some more “interesting” scenarios in which Merkel could be caught. We actually wrote four ads for Brink Fleet in 2015 and wound up saving one for what we hoped would be round two. Merkel’s Engine Failure was one of the four original spots written for Brink Fleet and we were sad to have to wait and shoot it, but the patience paid off!

Merkel Cuts Corners… Or Not

Our first ad to shoot for this commercial series was “Cuting Corners”. Merkel isn’t known for buying solid deals when it comes to cars and his new SUV sticks with his previous auto encounters.

The video production for this spot took place out in Slaton, TX and we have to say it was pretty much the perfect location. Nice, incredibly curvy roads coming off the caprock made it the ideal place for Merkel’s brakes to comedically fail. Our first day of production  had Merkel on set and ready to ride like the broken wind. Reed, our middle brother, did fabulously at bringing Merkel to life once again for this hilarious role. We caught all the shots including background plate for VFX (Visual Effects) to come in and blow the SUV through guard rail and into the canyon. On our second location day, Merkel was not present since it was just one pick up shot and sound effects. We shot passing the curvy road caution sign and picked up sound bites of a car passing ridiculously fast. Somewhere around the 80-90mph range. Once back in the studio, we pieced it all together and figured out what sound we needed. With the edit locked, Ross started on the VFX of having the SUV crash through the guard rail and fly into the canyon. From there, sound was the next step in making this ad come to life. None of our production audio was really worth using for this spot, so we had to create an audio environment that would be convincing to the scenario. That meant creating convincing delays and echoes to simulate being down in a canyon. On top of that, we had to record and add any natural sound back into the environment that might be there originally. Our final, and probably favorite touch was adding the squeak toy into pumping the brakes. 😉

Once the sound was finished it was off to color grade for final color and the exported for approval.

Merkel’s Engine Failure

Next on our list was Merkel’s “Engine Failure”.


This was the 4th pitch we had for Brink Fleet and they decided to hold off on it. Patience totally paid off on this shoot and it turned out great! Our hilariously awesome grandpa, Pappy, allowed us to use his garage in Lubbock, Tx for our location. We had to purchase a fog machine with which to ‘smoke’ Merkel and we are really happy with it! This spot was a lot of fun and has some lighting ties to Pulp Fiction’s garage scene with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. We wanted a nice day light look that felt natural and kept it from being TOO creepy. Merkel is enough of a creep by himself. So we took two ETC source four’s and blasted them through daylight gels into our 8 ft foam core board to key Merkel. This turned out to balance the exterior and the interior of the vehicle pretty well so we weren’t blowing out the windows in the van. We took an LED panel and stuck it in the back of the van to fill out the interior and look like sunlight was spilling in from the back. This helped light the dashboard and the roof inside the van. We also took a frosted shower curtain and pinned it inside around the cage at the back of the cab to diffuse and mask the LED panel. On top of that, the shower curtain acted as a shield to keep the fog from billowing into the back of the van. This allowed us to smoke Merkel out with less fog and gave us more bang for our buck while simultaneously selling the idea of light blowing in through the back window.

Once we were done shooting, the edit basically put itself together and we started on sound. Sound on this spot was really fun because this van had such a unique and incredible sound to it. This was a maintenance van of some sort so there was really no interior upholstery or carpeting. It was just metal shelves and a metal floor which made for some really unique and awesome reverbs. That reverb wasn’t necessarily good for this project, but the sounds have definitely been added to our sound design library! The foley on the van was pretty intense. We spent somewhere around 2 hours recording the ins and outs of this van: Doors shutting recorded from the interior, doors shutting recorded from the exterior, the key entering the ignition, the ignition of the van, crawling in the van, getting out of the van, struggling with the door handle (which actually didn’t open from the inside), windshield wipers, the car ding that chimes when you first turn on the battery, rubbing the steering wheel, etc. So when you watch this, the only sound we recorded on location was Merkel’s “garage sale beauty” line. Every other bit of audio for the entire spot was recreated in post production.

We hope you enjoyed Part one of our Brink Fleet – Merkel Strikes Back blog post! We will be posting another in the near future, so make sure and keep up with us by visiting our Hamil Bros Website, “Liking” the Hamil Bros Facebook Page, Following our Hamil Bros Twitter, and Subscribing to our Hamil Bros Youtube Channel.

P.S. Please enjoy these lovely behind the scenes photos!


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MTCU March Mania


At Hamil Bros Studios, we take our video work very seriously, but, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun. For their March Mania ad, MTCU, along with Jessica from SHK, let us take our concept and run with it.

This project started with a spec version of this commercial to pitch the idea. So, Jacob and I set up our green screen and went to town. We were very specific on how we wanted to execute the video shoot and it worked out well when it came time to do the actual shoot. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that the happy-go-lucky whistling was the work of Jacob.

Once, we pitched the idea, they loved it and it was time to move forward. Not only was this a chance to finally do a green screen shoot, it was also a chance to involve our new intern, Chelsea. I’ve got to say, she really put in a ton of effort from the time she arrived until we finally sent her home. We’re very happy to have her joining our team.

The following day, the shoot was in the can and all of the video was ready to be edited and have visual effects applied. Since, the project was so well planned, it didn’t take any time at all to actually put it together.

The spot was all but finished and then the unthinkable happened: hard drive failure. Nothing that we had shot or edited was available anymore (we’re in the process of getting it all recovered).

Well, the third time’s the charm. We had to shoot the spot again. This time, Jacob and I knocked it out in a matter of hours. Of course, how could we not? I mean, we had already shot the thing twice.

We finally got it done and delivered and there were a few changes that needed to be made. Top of a funny shoot with the perfect voiceover (courtesy of Ryan Ramon of Ramon Voice Overs) and you have a recipe for success.

We hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

AAF Lubbock ADDY Awards

AAF Lubbock ADDY


Today we are VERY EXCITED to share some news with all of you about our local Lubbock AAF ADDY Awards. Our Brink Fleet Misadventures of Merkel Dergler ads have won an ADDY award in the campaign section of the judging. We had a lot of fun producing the Merkel Dergler Ads and if you’d like to check them out, you can see the whole blog post HERE which includes all three ads from 2015 along with our hilarious BTS video.

One of the coolest things about the ADDY Awards is that they also have a People’s Choice Category! We would love to have your vote for us to win the People’s choice award as well! The voting is pretty self explanatory, but if you’re a little more technologically challenged, we’ve made a video with step by step instructions JUST FOR YOU!

Please follow the link by clicking HERE to vote People’s Choice for Brink Fleet Merkel Dergler, produced by Hamil Bros Studios!

As always we really really appreciate your support in what we do! If you’re new to our website and would like to see more of our work, we’d love to have you check out our NEW and IMPROVED 2016 Demo Reel! If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for some “Out of the Box” ideas to promote to your store or products, make sure and check out our Contact Page and give us a shout. We’d love to talk to you! If you’re more interested in following us on this video production/ cinematography journey we’d love for you to go like our Hamil Bros Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter : @HamilBros! If you’re an Instagram user, make sure to give Ross and Jacob a follow and search for #HamilBros or #HamilBrosStudios to keep up with us in the InstaSphere. Also, we invite you to subscribe to our Hamil Bros Youtube Channel to check out some of our short films, commercials, and other wacky projects!


AAF Lubbock ADDY Awards – Hamil Bros Studios, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, West Texas Video Production

Star Trek- The Foley -est Thing

Star Trek Foley Blog Post

Over the last several months, we have been very busy here at Hamil Bros Studios. A very good friend of our’s, Mark Edward Lewis, gave us a call that would turn our world upside down.

Earlier this year, we met Mark through the Mzed Sound Advice Tour stop that we attended in Houston. If you’d like more info about that tour, we have another blog post in which we did an in depth video review. During that day with Mark, he told everyone in the class, “If you want to volunteer, just jump up out of your chair and come on up.” So, naturally, we volunteered for EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

Jacob and Mark Edward Lewis

Jacob and Mark Edward Lewis

Introducing The Holiest Thing

Back in September 2015, Mark messaged us through Facebook asking if we’d like to be part of a project on which he was working, Star Trek New Voyages/ Phase 2: The Holiest Thing (IMDB Page), starring Brian Gross, Brandon Stacy, Jeff Bond, Charles Root, Jasmine Pierce, Shyaporn Theerakulstit, Jonathan Zungre, Patrick Cawley, and Wayne Johnson. He said he needed some foley recordists and we came to mind. Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the swishing of clothing and footsteps to squeaky doors and breaking glass.

We had never worked on a collaborative job of this scale, but that didn’t scare us. We told him just that and he responded that he would be glad to walk us through the process, answer our questions (which there were more than plenty), and mentor us along the way. In a flash, we were part of the crew working to produce the episode, “The Holiest Thing.” We decided the best way to approach this project was to ‘Boldly Go’ where no Hamil has gone before.

First on our list was to watch this episode and figure out a plan. Mark got us hooked up with the episode via Google Drive and we got it downloaded and watched the first pass. This edit was a bit overwhelming to watch. At this point, there were still quite a few visual effects missing, so there are a few scenes that still have green screens. Also, the only audio on the project was some of the dialogue from on set and whatever other noise those on set microphones picked up. Besides that, it was barren. This was a really cool experience, because you don’t realize what an intricate part ambiences, music, and foley play in a movie until you’ve watched one that’s missing all those parts.

Mark suggested we capture wild foley first. So we set out to capture probably the most important wild foley there is: Footsteps. We figured the Starship Enterprise had carpeted floors, but we decided to add a little hollowness to the footsteps since it’s in space and would give it a little bit more space-like feel.

The Footstep foley Station

We tried several different attempts at creating a “hollow” footstep foley to no avail. Finally, Ross had the idea to record inside our grandpa’s old motorhome. We found the PERFECT fit. So we had Ross in boots doing footstep foley for the men and we had our AWESOME mother in boots doing footsteps for the women on the Enterprise. We got them recorded and knocked out in an afternoon.

Jacob at Desk_1


Once back to the studio, we took all that sound into the computer for a process called “Denoising.” Denoising is where you take a sound into this audio manipulation software, select a bit of dead space that may have an unsightly sound such as an air conditioner and through some amazing algorithms, the program can remove that noise without ruining the initial sound you needed. In this case, that would be the footsteps. Once that process is taken care of, it’s time to start placing footsteps in the scenes. This is one of the longest audio processes we’ve ever done! You wouldn’t believe how many people take a step in movies until you’re the one having to match them step for step with footstep foley.

Jacob at Desk

From there, we moved on to more wild foley and like we said this was a MAJOR learning process. What we learned after the footsteps is that it’s easier to act out actions with visual reference than trying to capture wild foley and make it fit the scene. Sounds like a pretty obvious thing, right? Well, sometimes you get so bogged down in a project that the obvious answer is staring you right in the face. We had to take a step back, look at the project, and answer a very hard question. “How do we simplify this process?” Granted, we don’t own a sound stage or have access to one, so we had to go on a more DIY route and figure out how we could rig this to work in one of our homes.

Our best bet was to get me isolated somewhere so he could do the movements of the characters without the additional keyboard sound Ross would be making. We came up with quite the contraption. We ran a stage snake downstairs to provide audio signal between Ross’ office and the basement as a means of communication between Ross and myself, but also as a means of recording the foley taking place down there. Once we had the audio feeding between the rooms, we had to get a video feed there as well. That also took some intuitive thinking. We managed to run SDI cabling from Ross’ office to the basement and then use an SDI-HDMI converter to bring the video signal into Jacob’s TV. This was a great way to do things until we had to return the SDI-HDMI converter we were borrowing back to its owner.

But, that DID NOT stop us! We made it work by adding a TV in Ross’ office as another display off his computer. From there, we set up our Blackmagic Design 4K production camera to push a feed to a monitor in the basement that would essentially become our SDI-HDMI converter. Thus, we brought the visual feed back into Jacob’s TV after that minor set back. Once we really had that system down, we hammered in the work to be done on the foley. There were a LOT of long hours packed into just a few days of free time that we had to work on this project.

We finally got to send off our pass at the foley and awaited the notes. It was a HUGE experience and we can’t thank Mark enough for having us along to go boldly into a project on a scale which we’ve never been. So, without further adieu, here is Star Trek New Voyages/ Phase 2: The Holiest Thing.

[to hear a surround version for headphones, click here]

If you enjoyed what you read here about our Foley endeavors on Star Trek, we hope you enjoy checking out the rest of our website. If you want to keep up to date with what we’ve got going for more of a day to day experience please head over to our Hamil Bros Facebook Page and click the LIKE button and follow our Hamil Bros Twitter. Also head over to Youtube and subscribe to the Hamil Bros Studios Channel!


Star Trek- The Foley -est Thing – Hamil Bros Studios Video Production, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Texas

Pecan Tree Partners Part 2 of 2 The Facility Tour

Pecan Tree Partners Ending Title Still

Just as we promised, our newest blog post covers the lighting at the facility tour at Pecan Tree Partners. If you haven’t read our first blog post (Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 of 2), make sure to check that out first so you’ve got all the information.

We always think things are interesting in how they’re made and that seems to be a pretty common interest to people. Things like behind the scenes photos of green screens, visual effects wipes, toys, and, in this instance, pecans. So without further adieu, here is the facility tour of Pecan Tree Partners.


This tour was a blast to shoot, especially being able to light everything exactly like we wanted! It was an insanely long, 14 hour shoot day, but the final result was all worth it. On this facility tour, we pulled out all the stops.

In this facility tour we rigged basically every light we own, because the inside of the facility is practically lit by fluorescent lights and they just aren’t that friendly to digital sensors. It was incredible to be able to motivate the movement and the light with little touches like china balls and kicker daylight LEDs.

The facility tour in itself is pretty incredible, though. It was awesome getting to watch the guts of these machines processing masses of pecans in a matter of minutes. The most interesting machine to watch was the CRACKER. It can average cracking 700 pecans a minute and it was TOTALLY AWESOME. Ross managed to capture the cracker in 120 frames per second on the iPhone 5s while covering his face. Very entertaining to watch. *Wink Wink*.

We had a blast shooting the Pecan Tree Partners Facility tour for Silviano and we are so grateful for his business.

We always love hearing everyone’s feedback on our work! If you found this video/article interesting, make sure and share with EVERYONE you know! Make sure to “Like” our Hamil Bros Facebook Page, follow our Hamil Bros Twitter, and search the hashtag #HamilBrosStudios or #HamilBros on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest we have to offer!

Pecan Tree Partners Facility Tour – Hamil Bros Studios , Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Texas


Giving Tuesday LBK

Several months ago, our good friend, Cassie Johnston of Alstrom Angels, gave us a call and asked if we could meet about sponsoring and producing an ad for Giving Tuesday LBK.



Giving Tuesday is a nationwide initiative to get the public to give to their favorite local charity. Basically, it goes Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

Cassie contacted us to produce an ad to push the Giving Tuesday initiative locally here in Lubbock and we were glad to do so! We sat down with Cassie and started formulating a plan. Most of which was already taken care of, because Cassie is the bee’s knees when it comes to organizing. She had a GREAT script in hand and that saved us a lot of time in pre-production.

Next, we had to fit into the schedules of our local celebrities, Hall of Fame Texas Tech Women’s Basketball Coach, Marsha Sharp, Texas Tech Head Football Coach, Kliff Kingsbury, Lubbock Mayor, Glen Robertson, and Rick Dykes of the Reagor Dykes Auto Group. Again, Cassie did what she does best and was the go-between us and the celebrities, so we could focus on the ad instead of focusing on scheduling these different people with their incredibly busy lives.

Our first shoot was with Marsha Sharp at the Legacy Event Center. The scene was beautiful and we had a blast lighting it. We were a bit nervous shooting with someone so high profile, but Marsha turned out to be an absolute joy with whom to work. She thanked us over and over for having her be a part of this production and all we could do was thank her for making us all look good, ha! Marsha was fantastic on camera and set the tone for an amazing Giving Tuesday Lubbock video production.

Marsha Sharp Putting her "Guns" up with the Hamil Bros and Cassie Johnston from Giving Tuesday.

Marsha Sharp Putting her “Guns” up with the Hamil Bros and Cassie Johnston from Giving Tuesday.

Next, we made our way to City Hall to shoot with Mayor Glen Robertson. Mayor Robertson was, no surprise, up to par on delivery and took all of a couple of minutes to shoot this ad. He came in, read the lines, and delivered them like a champ. That was a more interesting lighting set up, because we had to turn a bland conference room into an interesting scene. It turned out well and we are very happy with the final product.

The Hamil Bros with Mayor Glen Robertson on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

The Hamil Bros with Mayor Glen Robertson on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

We had a bit of a break and that time provided us our Giving Tuesday #UnSelfie shoots with locals from around Lubbock. Our first location was the Buddy Holly Center downtown. The wind was wretched, as it is this time of year in Lubbock. So, we had to opt for shooting inside the Buddy Holly center. This time of year they have a “Dia de los Muertos” exhibit in the art gallery. So, that was the colorful backdrop to our first set of primarily children holding their #Unselfie signs. We must say, these kids were ADORABLE. A fantastic and CUTE addition to our Giving Tuesday LBK shoot!

The day after, we traveled down the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center where we shot in the Arboretum. This location turned out to be a FANTASTIC exterior location with a gorgeous, fall colored backdrop. Ross has a knack for finding beautiful back drops in exterior locations. We had more adults show up to this Giving Tuesday #UnSelfie shoot and it turned out amazingly. The lighting was perfect and manageable (which is a real blessing when you’re at the mercy of the elements). This particular shoot filled out the rest of the #UnSelfie people and finished a significant portion of the video production.

After the shooting #Unselfie people at the Garden and Arts Center, it was time to shoot with Texas Tech University Head Football Coach, Kliff Kingsbury at the Football Training Facility.

We were able to shoot in the helmet room. This room contains a helmet from each NFL team that has had a Texas Tech player in it’s roster.

giving Tuesday shoot

Kliff Kingsbury’s helmet in the helmet room.

It was a really cool room, but didn’t quite serve our purposes for this ad. However, the assistant at the front desk. Taylor, was more than happy to arrange for some of the awesome manikins dawning full on football gear to be placed in the helmet room at our disposal. That made the shoot way more interesting and lighting the manikins was a fun obstacle to tackle. Kliff was great on camera and he was so kind. Truly, it was a fantastic experience working with someone on that level. Jacob was pretty excited to be Kliff’s body double for lighting!

Kliff Kingsbury with the Hamil Bros, Cassie Johnston and Haley, Terri, and Jonathan Hamil on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

Kliff Kingsbury with the Hamil Bros, Cassie Johnston and Haley, Terri, and Jonathan Hamil on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

Jacob giving a thumbs up while standing in as Kliff's body double on the Giving Tuesday ad

Jacob giving a thumbs up while standing in as Kliff’s body double on the Giving Tuesday ad

Kliff’s assistant, Kirstie, made cue cards for Kliff to read and it was AWESOME! She was such a huge help and it made things go even smoother than we thought possible. It turned out to be an awesome shoot. Kliff filmed for all of a few minutes and then was gracious enough to sign a lot of Tech paraphernalia for us.

Kliff autographing Terri's Texas Tech goodies after the giving Tuesday shoot.

Kliff autographing Terri’s Texas Tech goodies after the giving Tuesday shoot.

At the same shoot, we were able to have Rick Dykes deliver his lines. Rick was very polite and very appreciative of what we do. We had to change the scene up a little and decided to pull the manikins out of the shot. It actually turned out really well, because the daylight flooding through the Texas Tech symbol on the back wall gave us more of a cyan tint to the whole scene. Something that wasn’t in Kliff’s shot near as much.

Rick Dykes with The Hamil Bros and Cassie Johnston on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

Rick Dykes with The Hamil Bros and Cassie Johnston on the Giving Tuesday Shoot.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and we can’t thank Cassie enough for involving us in such a great project. Please make sure to “Like” the Giving Tuesday LBK Facebook Page, National Giving Tuesday Facebook Page,  the Legacy Event Center Facebook Page, the Buddy Holly Center Facebook Page, the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center.

If you want to keep up with our day to day awesomeness, make sure to check out the Hamil Bros Studios Facebook page and our Hamil Bros Twitter. Invite your friends to keep up with us as well!

And check out our gallery of #UNSelfies from our shoots!


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Giving Tuesday Lubbock- Hamil Bros Studios Video Production.



Sweet Dreams- Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Submission

Doritos Ad Featured image

We have been hard at work here at Hamil Bros Studios. The worst kind of busy is the busy that you have to keep a secret. If you follow our Facebook Page and Twitter Account, you will notice over the last week that we’ve been posting some photos from a secret project. GOOD NEWS! It’s no longer a secret! We are very proud to announce that we are submitting an ad for the Doritos Crash the SuperBowl contest! Follow the link, watch it, rate it, tweet it, share it, watch it again, and tag your friends! Voting for the project will begin January 5, 2016!



Over the last several years, Doritos has been very smart in their advertising for the SuperBowl. Instead of having their own people do an ad, they’ve asked the general public to write, shoot, edit, and submit their own ad ideas. The SuperBowl Doritos ads in the years past have been insanely funny!

About four weeks ago, we finally sparked an idea that we could shoot for this campaign. We wish we would have thought of it months ago, but, that’s how we roll some times. Ross got the ad written in a matter of a few hours and we started calling talent, scheduling, and arranging shoots. This Doritos ad stars the very lovely, Mandy Roberts! Mandy is a very talented, local cosplayer who agreed to help us with the ad. As you can tell, she acted fantastically and we could not have made this ad happen without her. Thanks Mandy!

Primary photography for this Doritos ad began about 3 weeks ago during a spec shoot to pitch to one of our clients. We had the hair-brained idea of a guy proposing to this girl with a Nacho Cheese Dorito. You can see where that took us. We concluded primary photography on Friday, November 13th… Ooooo Spooky, right? Right.

Then it was down to sound design, color grade, and VFX. Those all came out relatively easily!

There are a LOT of behind the scenes people who never show their faces in this ad, but contributed a HUGE amount of help to make this production happen.

First off, we owe a HUGE debt of gratitude towards our wonderful parents who have let us destroy their living room for the sake of film (just moving furniture, bringing lights in, etc).

We also thank our AWESOME intern Massiel, who helped us with our first shoot, by taking stills and pictures for the behind the scenes!

Next, to Cassie Johnston from Alstrom Angels (see more here) for always being a HUGE supporter of our work as well as supplying extras in the form of her family and friends on very short notice.

We thank Penny Jones and the Legacy Event Center for letting us shoot our wedding shots in front of their venue!

Last, but not least, we thank our families, for allowing us the long nights and weekends for shooting.

To all of you who support us each and every day, we cannot thank you enough for your encouragement! We ask you to share and rate our Doritos ad at 5 stars!

We always appreciate your support and feedback about what we do so please leave a comment below and let us know what you think! To keep up to date with our daily stuff, make sure and check out our Hamil Bros Studios Facebook PageHamil  Bros Studios Twitter, and search #HamilBros on Instagram!

Pecan Tree Partners Part 1 of 2

Pecan Tree Partners Ending Title Still

At Hamil Bros Studios, we like to do things a little differently. In some cases, that means taking on jobs that are out of the ordinary. About a year and a half ago, Silviano Garcia, owner of Pecan Tree Partners, gave us a call and wanted us to produce a 30 second TV spot for him.


When we initially met with Silviano at Pecan Tree Partners, he told us that he was bound and determined to use us, but needed to do some cosmetic work on their facility before they wanted to shoot anything. So, we gave him a bid and he accepted it on the spot.

Several months would go by and we’d either contact him or he’d give us a call just to let us know how things were going at their facility. Talk about planting a seed and watching it grow (pun intended). Finally about two months ago, Silviano told us he was ready for us to do our video production at the Pecan Tree Partners facility. So, we made a trip down to Midland to tour the facility. What we didn’t expect was one of the most interesting tours we had ever been on.

Pecan Tree Partners is the only full service pecan processing plant within 100 miles. This means they grow the pecans in the orchard, sanitize them, then process them right there in the facility. It’s truly an awesome process to watch. We had Silviano give us a tour, which would give us a starting point for the script. With all our wonder and amazement, Silviano had the idea to have us shoot for a long form video tour of the plant. That will be discussed in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for it!

We never left Pecan Tree Partners empty handed. Silviano always graciously gave us bags of pecans to take home. That is a business gesture that becomes more and more scarce and we appreciate that! We left the plant and headed back to Lubbock to start formulating a script, shot list, and production design.

We wanted the Pecan Tree Partners TV spot to be inviting in a warm, home-made fashion. Given that, we already knew the perfect warm and inviting voice would be none other than our very Ryan Ramon of Ramon VoiceOvers. We decided it definitely needed to be lit with warm tungsten lights with splashes of daylight color contrast. Along with that, we wanted to make sure to catch “Golden Hour” for our exterior shooting. Once we had the plan figured out, we called Pecan Tree Partners to see how soon we could come down and shoot.

The date was set for September 1st! We headed down the night before to load in our gear since we were going to have such an early start. When we got to Pecan Tree Partners, they let us unload the trailer and set up our 33ft camera jib. The jib takes about an hour and a half to rig and balance and golden hour only gives us a limited time to shoot. So, we had to be prepped and ready to roll as soon as we arrived the next morning.

We arrived at Pecan Tree Partners bright and early on September 1st and commenced one of the most awesome, incredible, and hot shoots we’ve ever been on. It was a 14 hour day of hard work and dedication, and the final result totally made it all worth it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post about our Pecan Tree Partners 30 second TV spot. Keep an eye out because we will be posting part 2 where we talk more in depth about the lighting and the tour of the facility film. It’s a blog you DO NOT want to miss. Seriously, pecan processing is ridiculously interesting!

On another note, we want to give a shout out to our great friend Jessica at SHK Advertising for doing our media buying! She always treats our clients with care and respect! Thanks Jessica!

If you live in the Permian Basin, love pecan products, or don’t know what to do with all the pecans around your house, visit Pecan Tree Partners. It’s totally worth it. We’ll even give you their address 😉

Pecan Tree Partners, 4601-B NCR 1162 N Loop 250, Midland, TX.

We always appreciate your support and feedback about what we do so please leave a comment below and let us know what you think! To keep up to date with our daily stuff, make sure and check out our Hamil Bros Studios Facebook PageHamil  Bros Studios Twitter, and search #HamilBros on Instagram!

Please enjoy some Hamil Bros Studios Behind the Scenes photos!


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Pecan Tree Partners – Hamil Bros Studios Video Production, Midland, TX



Signature Stag – Dress Like a Man – Midland, TX

Signature Stag Logo created by Hamil Bros Studios in Adobe After Effects with VideoCopilot Element 3D

After a year and a half of planning and persistence, we are finally releasing our first ad for Signature Stag Fine Menswear in Midland, TX!

We had a blast shooting this spot and it turned out really beautifully. The planning for this ad started earlier on in 2014 with a basic concept. Then, in October, 2014, Signature Stag won our $1000 toward production raffle to support the Covenant Hospital Bullying and Suicide prevention summit and progress really started.

We’ve built a relationship with Natalie Huey, the owner of Signature Stag, over the course of the last year and several months. Our first encounter with her was shooting the Young Professionals in Energy Event held at Signature Stag last year. Later in 2014, we also filmed a fashion show featuring Saxx Underwear.

In July, Natalie had her marketing woman, also named Natalie, contact us about redeeming her winnings from the raffle. We were glad to drive down to midland and catch the awesome Signature Stag storefront looking absolutely spectacular. The idea behind this ad was to dress like a man. We wanted the tone to be bold and confident with the touch of a sultry voice.

When it comes to Voice Over we know there’s only one place to turn to be pushed in the right direction. So, we contacted our good friend, Ryan Ramon at Ramon Voice Overs  to see who he would suggest when it came to a sensual/ sultry woman VO artist. Thank goodness we called him! Without hesitation, Ryan said “You want to use Andrea Hadhazy.” So we headed over to our “Friendly, Girl-Next-Door Voice Over Artist” at AndreaHadhazy.com. All it took was about 10 seconds of listening to her VO demos to know we had to use her. We contacted her and had a script for her and she turned it around within a few hours. We have to say, Andrea is an incredible talent. With no direction, she delivered exactly what we were looking for and crushed the script! We always want the best for our customers and Signature Stag’s “Dress Like a Man” ad, was no different. So, a huge shout out to Andrea for being great to work with and we look forward to using her more in the future! Make sure to check out and “Like” her facebook page, as well!

We’re really pleased with how the spot turned out for Signature Stag and we look forward to producing more high class ads for them in the coming years. If you want more info on what’s going on day to day with them, be sure to check out and “Like” their facebook page and instagram account. Also make sure to contact them about being on their email list where they send out invitations for great parties at the store!

We always appreciate your support and encouragement in what we do! Thank you so much! To keep up to date with what we’re doing make sure and “like” the Hamil Bros Studios Facebook PageHamil Bros Twitter, and subscribe the the Hamil Bros Youtube Channel. Also if you’re on instagram make sure to search for either #HamilBrosStudios or #HamilBros!

Signature Stag – Dress Like a Man – Hamil Bros Studios in Midland, TX

Brink Fleet Lubbock, TX

Featured Image

The Misadventures of Merkel Dergler

Busy is slowly and steadily becoming our middle name here at Hamil Bros Studios. For the last several weeks, we have been hammering out three of the strongest ads we’ve ever produced for a new customer, Brink Fleet, here in Lubbock.



Our contact with Brink Fleet actually started back in October of last year (2014) at Carmageddon, a giant car show, auto auction, and autocross. The night before the official show began we were asked to be a part of an auction in which the proceeds would be going to children’s miracle network. We decided we would offer a production package up for auction and to our luck, Denny Brink from Brink Fleet bid and won the deal!
 In June of 2014, Denny called to ask us a little more about what he had won. So we gave him a breakdown and told us he loved our product. We met with him at Brink Fleet and talked a little more. He told us our most favorite thing to hear when it comes to clients: “You guys tell me what I want.” We had an idea that Ross had been sitting on for about 4 years now.
We decided shooting a spec spot would be our best bet to get our idea across. Sometimes, when it comes to explaining an idea, we don’t do the idea justice verbally, especially when it comes to visual comedy. So, a spec spot would be the perfect way to show what we were going to do for Brink Fleet with little verbal explanation. Our brother, Reed, happened to be in town when we decided to shoot, and who better to use when you need a character on camera? He gladly obliged and Ross began figuring out his wardrobe.
Throughout the shoot we wanted Reed to be a comedic target that people expect to see get into trouble and thus was born, the character, Merkel Dergler. A guy who cuts corners on car deals (and probably cuts his own hair) and it always comes back to bite him. If only Merkel would go to Brink Fleet and buy a good car for a good deal. Reed was a joy to have on set and continually made us laugh, even during the first shoot.
We got the “Fred’s List” ad put together and took it to the fine folks at Brink Fleet so they could see what we intended to do for them. What we hadn’t planned on was Reed creating a fantastic character in the process of putting this ad together. Thus, we decided to make our first series of ads featuring the same character!
From there all we had to do was think of ridiculous situations a person could get into by not buying a car from a reliable source. Thus the Misadventures of Merkel Derlger were born.
We had a fantastic cast comprised for these Brink Fleet Spots! Of course, Reed played Merkel, Kregg Fehr was the part of the crazy salesman, Abby Johnson played Merkel’s blind date, and Don Rogers played the not-murderer.
We laughed a lot til we cried and produced three of the strongest ads to come out of Hamil Bros Studios. Brink Fleet is an awesome customer and we had a crazy blast shooting these ads.
We couldn’t have added the icing to the Brink Fleet cake without Ryan Ramon (aka Cinnamon Butter) of Ramon Voice Overs. He always does us an incredible job! Huge thumbs up to the work he’s doing and we’re so glad to collaborate with him!
As always, we appreciate the support you all give us! To keep up to date with our shoots and other craziness, feel free to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Hamil Bros Studios Youtube Channel.
In the meantime, enjoy a few of these awesome bloopers!


Brink Fleet TV Commercials, Hamil Bros Studios, Lubbock, TX




Mzed Sound Advice Tour- Houston, TX

Sound AdviceHouston Certificate of Completion

The month of June has been crazy here at Hamil Bros Studios! We’ve driven all over the state for various reasons, but our most recent trip was to Houston to attend Mzed‘s Sound Advice Tour presented by Mark Edward Lewis. Wow! What an incredibly amazing 8 hour day full of mind-blowing/altering education. We wanted to write a review, but people write reviews all the time and who really likes to read any more? (Just kidding). We’ve put together a video review for the Sound Advice Tour Houston stop and we hope this urges you to attend one of the remaining tour stops!

All in all, it was a crazy day at the Sound Advice Tour. Mark is totally awesome and we appreciate him and Mzed for putting together such a mind-blowing experience. Like always, we are constantly working towards giving our clients the best possible product and we’re proud to say just 11 hours of the Sound Advice Tour has upped our game exponentially.

We did, however, leave out a few key things about the Sound Advice Tour in the video review. The giveaways are AWESOME. Such as a full year of the Adobe Creative Cloud! Also included in the price of the tour is a sound effects pack recorded by Frank Serafine, himself and a free month to Shane’s Inner Circle! We are active members in the Inner Circle (follow the link to check it out) and it’s been another game-changer educational tool in our arsenal.

We are so thankful to Mzed for providing us this awesome opportunity to produce a review of the tour. DO NOT MISS IT! Like we said in the video, if you’re unable to attend BUY THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!

As always, we appreciate all the support you show both of us each and every day as we pursue our dreams and have fun along the way. If you want to keep up with more day to day activity, please don’t hesitate to “Like” our Hamil Bros Studios Facebook Page and follow our Hamil Bros Studios Twitter Account!

Mzed Sound Advice Tour- Houston, TX- Hamil Bros Studios

FirstBank and Trust- We Love Small Business

We Love small business Blog image

It has been much too long since we’ve made a blog post and FirstBank & Trust is to thank for that!

For the last two months we have been shooting, editing, and producing 6 separate “We Love Small Business” TV spots for FirstBank & Trust here in Lubbock, TX. We were approached by Benji Snead, Vice President of Marketing, at FirstBank about putting these spots together in conjunction with an advertising campaign put on by one of our local TV stations, News Channel 11 KCBD.

Our job was to film in 18 small businesses around Lubbock to feature them on an ad urging small businesses to enter to win an ad campaign with KCBD. So, we got into the businesses, shot, and colored the footage to pass it on to the station. Along with that, FirstBank wanted to create spots of their own. We were more than happy to oblige!

After shooting the first 3 businesses, Lisa West’s Double Nickel Steakhouse , H. G. Thrash Clothier, and Family Powersports, we went out to 3 different locations around Lubbock to shoot intermediate shots with FirstBank CEO, Barry Orr. Once we had enough content, we went up to Benji’s office at FirstBank to hash out the first style of the “We Love Small Business” ads. Then, from there we made our way to 3 more small businesses, Built For Dreams, Lakeridge Dental, and Ecowater to fill the second version of the first style of ads.



Over the next 6 weeks we continued to tackle the rest of the 18 small businesses for these FirstBank “We Love Small Business” ads. After the first two aired for a few weeks, Benji asked us to come back up to the new FirstBank Operations Center (currently under construction) to shoot with Barry again. We got to take a look around inside and found the PERFECT natural lighting for Barry. Once we had Barry’s footage secured, we were able to shoot the rest of the businesses and swap them out as we got them completed.

This second style of FirstBank ads featured the other 12 small businesses:

Version 1: Duncan Heating & Air, Precision Bodyworks, and Slate Group.

Version 2: Premier Sportsplex, Master Cleaners, and West Texas Pediatrics.

Version 3: Benchmark Lubbock, (Your’s Truly) Hamil Bros Studios, and Wildcat Manufacturing.

Version 4: Danny’s Catering Fins and Hens, Hulla B’lu Home & Decorating, and Eric Minns, M.D. Plastic Surgery.


How could we not involve our favorite icing on the cake from Ryan Ramon at Ramon Voice Overs for yet another fantastic and impressive VO. Ryan, YOU ROCK!

We appreciate FirstBank doing business with us and we look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

To all of our awesome supporters, whether you are friends, family, customers, or just like what we do, we can’t tell you how much your encouragement means to us. You can always keep up to date with us on our Hamil Bros Facebook Page or our Hamil Bros Twitter Account!

Just for your enjoyment we’ve attached TONS of Behind the Scenes (some amazingly provided by Miss Natalie Pullig of Lovely Photos) photos below. Enjoy!






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FirstBank and Trust- We Love Small Business- Hamil Bros Studios, Lubbock, TX

Carter’s Furniture- Making a House a Home- Midland, TX

Carter's- House a Home Image

2015 is off to a fantastic start as we’ve just completed our 2nd TV commercial for the year. Carter’s Furniture‘s “Making a House a Home” spot does what we try do to do with all our clients: It gets them out of their store.

Carter’s has a beautiful store, but we like to get our clients out of the store, because we see the insides of stores all day, every day in local TV ads.

We pitched the idea to Tim Carter and Greg Galvan (The General Manager) several weeks ago and they loved it. We’ve shown the interior of the store in several spots now, and wanted to show Carter’s Furniture put to action in a home. After hammering out some details, we got connected with Greg and decided on a date to shoot in his home. As you’ve seen in this “Making a House a Home” spot, the Galvans have an incredible home. We really loved shooting in the house, because the lighting was already incredible. We just had a tweak a few things here and there with our lighting. We were also lucky enough to get to test some new lighting techniques we’ve learned to give this spot and the home a unique feel. Along with that, why not throw in a buttery, beautiful voice over from Ryan Ramon at Ramon Voice Overs?

While we were packing up after the “Making a House a Home” shoot, we got to talk to Greg about some upcoming shoots and ideas. All we can say that we are incredibly excited to work with Carter’s (as always) and 2015 is going to be an awesome year!

We appreciate all the support from our friends and family not only here in Texas, but all over the states. To keep up to date with what’s going on with us at the Studios, check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

In the Meantime, check out these awesome behind the scenes photos!

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Carter’s Furniture- Making a House a Home- Hamil Bros Studios, Midland, TX

Alström Angels (Promotional Film Lubbock, Texas

We’ve been working on several promotional films to kick off 2015! One of them is a film promoting a local, non-profit organization, Alström Angels based in Lubbock, TX.

Alström Angels is focused on raising awareness and research funds for the orphan disease Alström Syndrome. There’s not much that we can say other than watch the video. It has a wealth of information about the disease and it’s a very worthy cause to support.

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“Epic” by The Diamond Company (Commercial Odessa, TX)

Screenshot from our Epic Diamond Company Ad

Epic Diamonds, What can we say?

2015 has started with a BANG for us here at Hamil Bros Studios. We’ve had several longer projects under way and we’re now very excited to release our first TV commercial of the year: “Epic” by The Diamond Company!

A few weeks ago Craig Bommersbach of The Diamond Company in Odessa called us again to put together another TV commercial. He told us how much he loved our first television ad we produced for them last summer and wanted to be more active in advertising this year. So we sat down with Craig and his father to work on what would become “Epic” by The Diamond Company.

Craig told us they loved our work last year, but wanted a television commercial with a little more edge. They showed us an idea they had come up with and wanted to know if we could refine it to create an epic diamond spot that would catch people’s eyes. Luckily, we had the perfect set up in mind for creating a cinematic epic diamond commercial.

We pulled out all the stops and brought in some macro lens adapters for our lenses and pulled quite a lot of post production time, but it was all worth it. Our next step in creating this epic diamond ad was to find the appropriate music. After some searching, we found the PERFECT music to accompany this intense commercial.

Lastly, we brought in an incredible voice talent to put the action cinema icing on this epic diamond cake. Ryan Ramon of Ramon Voice Overs did an incredible job of capturing exactly the sort of VO we needed for this commercial. We told him we wanted the same voicing you hear on epic action movie trailers and he delivered amazingly. We applaud you, Ryan, for being ridiculously awesome! Make sure and check out his website to hear more amazing voice work!

As always, we cannot thank each and every one of you for your support of what we do. Give us a shout on our social medias, Twitter and Facebook . We always love to hear your feedback and it’s very important to us!

Can A Diamond Be THIS Epic?- Hamil Bros Studios, Odessa, TX

New Happenings at Hamil Bros Studios

HB-Jets-Logo Hamil Bros Commercial Video Production Lubbock

We are very excited to announce that Hamil Bros Studios is no longer solely a video production studio!

Over the last year we’ve had several people ask us how they get their TV commercial on air after we shoot and produce it. Our only option at that time was to refer them to the television station sales people or to a sales specialist at a cable company. That wasn’t the best thing for our clients and we have taken steps to remedy that: we have added a media buyer to our team. She will intercede with the TV stations and cable companies on behalf of our clients and make sure that their ads are being shown to the people who need to see them.

We also have added graphics design to our services. We have partnered with an excellent graphic artist to be able to give our clients the best, whether it’s a new logo or a print advertisement.

We are extremely excited to see what this year holds in store for us and our clients!

Thanks for a great 2014!

Hamil Bros Sky Map

Welcome to 2015! It’s hard to believe that our first year as Hamil Bros Studios has come and gone, and what a year it was. Our growth as a video production company was astonishing and there are so many people to thank that I couldn’t list them all.

Every production was a new challenge and every time we got out a camera, it was to attempt something we hadn’t attempted before.

The year started out a bit rough, but, by the spring, our momentum was picking up. With some good business coaching, we traveled a distance that would have taken years and still never been reached.

Along with pushing our boundaries with every shoot, we had some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet and learn from some of our video production heroes.

As we dive head-first into the new year, enjoy taking a look back at some of the moments from last year.

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(I do have to mention, that the reason there aren’t many pictures of Jacob is because he was the one taking most of the pictures…)

Nations – Robin Renfrew Poetry (Video)

Nations Screen Grab

At Hamil Bros Studios, we are always trying to expand our versatility. Working with Robin Renfrew on her “Nations” film has really pushed us in a different direction that we had yet to explore and we are very pleased with how this film turned out.

Robin Renfrew (visit her sight here to learn more about her) is a talented poet, speaker, and encourager that approached several weeks ago with a little bit of a concept for a film in mind, but didn’t know how to execute it. She sent us an email explaining exactly that and something to the effect of it being alright if we thought she was crazy. We talked about about it and decided why not see what she wants to do and what she has to offer.About two weeks after that, we met with Robin at a Steak and Shake and had her explain to us what she wanted. As mentioned earlier, Robin is a fantastic poet and has really written some great pieces. For Robin, her sole purpose for these poems is to touch the lives of others. Whether it be charging those who read them to bigger and greater heights or simply letting someone out there know that the author has the same struggles, Robin has a knack for getting the point across very well.As we sat there, we went through 5 different poems, just to get an idea of what Robin writes and her “Nations” poem struck us to the heart the moment we saw it. Once she hooked us with the poem, it was only a matter of moments before the wheels started turning in our brains.

We had the vision and concept figured out for Robin’s “Nations” film, now it was a matter of getting it approved. We emailed Robin and asked her what she thought and she LOVED the idea. Her immediate response was “When can we start filming?” To which we replied, “We can start tomorrow!” We were really excited to see how this “Nations” film was going to turn out.

Our next mission for Robin’s film was to find a location. At the point we decided to shoot, we had less than 24 hours to find a location. We called our good friend Jimmy Henderson of Green Street Construction, because we really wanted an industrial set for the “Nations” film. Jimmy replied immediately saying he had a fellow in mind who would most likely have a warehouse available for us. Jimmy said he would contact his friend the next morning.

The following morning, Jimmy sent us the contact information of Barry Rose, the warehouse manager for Lov-Cot Warehouse . We called Barry and said we’d meet him within the hour to scout some warehouses for a location for “Nations”. We got to the location and were floored by just how perfect it was for Robin’s “Nations” film. The only problem is that the warehouse was rather old and was full of holes in the sheet metal. We decided to shoot after dark so we didn’t have to deal with the sun shining through the holes in the walls.

That afternoon, we met up with Robin to finalize that location and to prep for the “Nations” shoot. We got all the specifics like the location, shoot time, lighting schematic, camera moves, etc. locked down during our meeting and agreed to meet up later and head to the warehouse.

Once we arrived at the warehouse, the setup for “Nations” was pretty simple, but still interesting. Once we did the lighting, our next step was to set up our dolly track for our camera moves. Shooting went relatively well for “Nations” minus the fact that it was rather chilly after dark in an old cotton warehouse. We managed to keep warm and get everything shot like we wanted!

The idea was to set things up where it looked like images were being projected on the back wall. The problem lied in the fact that we didn’t have access to powerful enough projectors and the power in the warehouse probably wouldn’t have held up. So, we shaped the light to give it an interesting shape that would separate the two projections yet leave room for our faceless narrator.

The footage came out really well, but “Nations” wasn’t near finished.

From there, we had to record Robin reading the poem in a controlled environment. The warehouse was right next to the train tracks and we had train whistles blowing all evening. So, we set up a make-shift booth at our grandparents’ house and recorded a few good takes of the reading.

Robin did a fantastic job reading consistently so the syncing was easy.

After that, Ross assembled an edit and sent it out for approval. It was immediately a success. After that, every single shot had to be motion tracked in order to attach the projected images to the back wall. This took some time, but, it was very successful.

Once that was done, we hit up the internet for some stock footage to put on the back wall. The poem was, after all, entitled “Nations” with a call for Christians to reach out to the nations of the world and we needed something to show these foreign destinations.

That was it. We had it all finished. Just a few minor tweaks to finalize the film and it was done. Robin was very pleased and we couldn’t be happier.

As a side note, we mentioned that it was cold the night we filmed. Since we didn’t have a makeup artist on-site, our noses all turned pink; including Robin’s. It’s amazing what a little work in the computer can do to add a little bit of “makeup” afterward.

Nations- Pink nose before/after


Per Robin’s Request, “Nations” is available for promotional use. If you or your organization would like to use this film to promote your upcoming missions, please contact us at info@hamilbrosstudios.com for more information on how to obtain a usage license.   

As always, we appreciate your support in everything we do and we love to see your feedback either just below the post here on our website, or on either of our social medias (Facebook and Twitter).

In the meantime, enjoy our behind the scenes photos!


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