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Carter's Furniture Christmas

Carter’s Furniture: where Santa Shops

Christmas is just around the corner and we decided that Carter’s Furniture (Midland, TX) would be a great place to start for the holiday video production. A couple months ago, I was More »

Ross and Jacob with Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C, on the Illumination Experience Tour in Dallas, TX

Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Tour

It is no secret that our business is high-end video production. One thing we constantly do is educate ourselves. This last weekend, Jacob and I were afforded the opportunity to attend Shane More »

Carmageddon in Lubbock, TX

Carmageddon – Lubbock (Video)

The Carmageddon Proposition Earlier this week, I received a call from Jeff Allen (Car Chasers) where he and Heathen (FMX) asked me if we could put together a television commercial for “Carmageddon“. More »

Get it Right TV Commercial

TV Commercial – Bullock’s Jewelry “Get it Right”

GET IT RIGHT TV Commercial Goodness how the summer has flown by! It’s already September and here we are busier than we’ve ever been. We’ve been collaborating with Bullock’s Jewelry of Roswell, More »


Sewell Team Parents (Video)

Sewell: The Spots In the whirlwind of the last few weeks, these television commercials have been the big ones. Sewell’s “Team Parents” spots encompass 3 different dealerships: Sewell Ford (Odessa), Sewell Chevrolet More »

The West Texas Food Bank BOTW Spot

West Texas Food Bank Best of the West (Video)

About 3 weeks ago, I was coming back from a weekend at the lake with my family. Once I was back in cell service, I get a voicemail notification. A gentleman who More »

Shooting some car interiors

It’s raining work!

Well, It’s been nearly a month since our last post. Normally, this would be a result of laziness/forgetfulness, but, in this case, it’s been a result of how busy we have been More »

Screenshot from the film "Cooking Out"

“Cooking Out” – Short Film (4K Video) Hamil Bros Studios

We never have a dull moment at Hamil Bros Studios and our most recent short, “Cooking Out”, really lends to that fact. A few weeks ago, we were doing some research and More »

The Sewell Lincoln Title Screen

Sewell Lincoln — A Night Out (video)

The Sewell Lincoln TV spot is finally out! Today marks the culmination of several months of planning, scripting, storyboarding, shot listing, shooting, editing, and coloring, as the Sewell Lincoln spot is approved More »

Title Shot from our Bullock's Spot "How to Cure THE Headache"

Bullock’s Jewelry “How to Cure THE Headache”

We at Hamil Bros Studios have been very lucky to accumulate a fantastic list of clients. One of the great clients we picked up is Bullock’s Jewelry (Bullock’s Facebook Page) in Roswell, New Mexico. Our More »

Video Production 2014 Demo Reel

Hamil Bros Studios Commercial Video Production Demo Reel

The New Video Production Demo Reel

It seems like only yesterday that we put out the first demo reel of our video production services. After watching it with several clients recently, it didn’t really seem to give off much of an idea of what we can really do. We do it all, from start to finish and we do our best to do it well.


Our Video Production Services

When it comes to our video production, we take every step seriously.

Within reason, there is nothing we can’t do and not much we won’t do. We take your project and see it from beginning to end.

It all starts with the script. A solid script is the foundation on which any production is based on and that is where we start.

Next comes the pre-production process of storyboarding and shot-listing. In order to maximize the time “on set,” up-front organization is absolutely necessary. It’s the grease that keeps the production machine moving.

The actual video production is where the fun really begins. There is a ton of set-up and a lot of prep work. This includes staging, removing distractions from the background, lighting the subject, sometimes lighting the background, and determining the shot composition. The other thing is camera movement.

Camera movement alone is a huge deal breaker. No movement or boring movement looks cheap and amateurish. Good fluid movement like that from a crane or a dolly is where your video production goes from looking local to looking like the big guys.

Once the production is wrapped up, the post production begins. This starts with culling the footage (trashing the worst takes).

From there, it’s all about the editing. With editing, pacing is the key. If the shot cadence is too slow, the video is boring. If the shots are too fast, the video is overwhelming and/or confusing.

Once the edit is locked, the visual effects and motion graphics start. This goes from painting or Photoshopping things out of the scene (see the picture below) to adding 3d titles that look like they are in the room.

Fixed Shot Larry Reeder Funeral Hamil Bros Commercial Video Production Lubbock

In this shot, there were some people walking down the road and a car that drove by and we had to take them out of the picture.

The VFX are then completed and it’s time for the color grade. This part is particularly fun, because this is where we take shots that already look good and really make them pop.

This is where the video production process comes to an end. The project is then rendered out to a master file and the youtube and broadcast versions are made from that where they are finally delivered to you.

At Hamil Bros Studios, we take our video production extremely seriously. We are not satisfied with video production that is “good enough” we want our production to be “great.”


The businesses that appear in the demo reel:
Carter’s Furniture
Alldredge Gardens (Midland)
Viridian Design Studios (Kerrville)
Spring Creek Ministries (Odessa and Midland)
Cash Register Services (Lubbock)
ABC Pro Rodeo (Lubbock)
Lubbock Christian University (Lubbock)
Security Standard (Midland)
Midland Christian School (Midland)




New Video Production Demo Reel – Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa Commercial

Carter’s Furniture: where Santa Shops

Carter's Furniture Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we decided that Carter’s Furniture (Midland, TX) would be a great place to start for the holiday video production.

A couple months ago, I was talking to Jacob about his potential commercial idea for another client and had the idea of having Santa sitting at a nice desk. I asked Jacob where we could find a nice desk and then it hit me: Carter’s Furniture has nice desks… “You know what would be a great idea for Carter’s?” I shouted in his ear. Thus, the idea was born.

Not long after, Jacob and I paid a visit to the furniture store and spoke with Greg and he loved the idea. It was not long after that we had Tim Carter’s approval and we proceeded.

Once we got the go-ahead, Jacob and I had put out a casting call on Facebook looking for a Santa for the Carter’s Furniture Christmas ad. We received several recommendations and referrals but landed on the perfect guy.

Meggan Bailey and Jeff Allen (Car Chasers) shot us a message on Facebook and suggested her father, Jim Bailey. He had done several television shows and movies and we were extremely excited at the proposition.

After going back and forth with Meg and Jeff, everything was set: Jim was going to be our Santa Clause for Carter’s Furniture.

Next, we had to find a Mrs. Clause. The first person to come to mind was our friend, Montie Garner. She graciously accepted the part. She asked me what Mrs. Clause would wear, and I really left it up to her and her elegant taste to come up with a costume.

A few days later, Jim and I arrived in Midland and met Jacob, Reed (our brother), and Reid Miller (our intern; aka: “Miller Lite”) and started unloading and getting set up. It took us about 2 hours to get the lighting and atmosphere set like we wanted it. About half-way through the setup, Montie arrived. When she stepped out of her vehicle, my jaw hit the floor. The outfit was amazing! I asked her where she found such a grand Mrs. Clause costume in August and she responded with, “I made it the other night.” I guess we know who to contact for costumes here on out.

The shoot took about 2 hours once the camera started rolling. Everything was perfect.

I put Jacob on the edit for this spot and he did a fantastic job. The only issue we had was finding a closing shot. I ended up taking an unused shot from our spring shoot for Carter’s Furniture and color graded it and added snow.

This was a wonderful experience with a fantastic cast and a top-notch crew.


Behind the Scenes photos

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Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Tour

Ross and Jacob with Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C, on the Illumination Experience Tour in Dallas, TX

It is no secret that our business is high-end video production. One thing we constantly do is educate ourselves. This last weekend, Jacob and I were afforded the opportunity to attend Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C.’s, Illumination Experience workshop.

A misconception about the video production world is that it is as easy as just pointing a camera at a subject and hitting the record button. This  couldn’t be farther from the truth, and our clients can and will attest to that.

One of the big factors in video production is cinematography. In short, this is the art of lighting a scene, positioning a camera, and determining the camera’s motion during a scene.

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C., does this for a living and does it well. He also has a burning desire to share his knowledge with those who are in the pursuit of high quality production, ergo, his Illumination Experience Tour.

Now, there are a ton of courses available from people who do this sort of thing on a regular basis, but, there are none like Shane’s Illumination Experience Tour. His credits include movies such as Need For Speed, Act of Valor, Terminator Salvation, and so on. This man is no amateur. His most recent feature is a movie called “Fathers and Daughters” with Russell Crow (A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed), and Amanda Seyfried (Les Misérables, Mama Mia). This guy is absolutely the real deal.

Not long ago, he started a subscription based education community called “Shane’s Inner Circle” where he goes as in depth as possible teaching things that you can only learn from someone who works on large- studio feature films. I was an early adopter and signed up before it was officially launched because I have been following Shane for some time on his blog and have learned more than I could ever explain. This was an opportunity to have a direct connection with someone who I look up to and hold in such high regard.

Shortly after the launch of the Inner Circle, Shane made the announcement of his Illumination Experience Tour.One part is called the Illumination Workshop. It is a day where you get to spend a full day in a room with Shane and his crew watching and breaking down segments of movies he shot and getting your hands dirty working an actual set lighting and shooting a scene from “Crazy/Beautiful.”

The other part is in limited cities and it is called the Experience Masterclass. It is about a 12-hour day where you start off with the set of Air Force One from “Swing Vote” and all you get is some walls, some practical lights, and some set decorations. From there, those who attend take turns in different positions and the class has to light the set, position the camera, move props, you name it. The later part of the day, you move to another area of the Air Force One set and light a different scene. We finished up moving back to the Crazy/Beautiful set and lit the same scene from scratch several times. The attendees are the directors and crew. Once each lighting setup is done, we shoot the shot and Shane helps break down how he would have done it and why.

You can attend one or both days and I cannot recommend the Illumination Experience Tour highly enough.

Jacob and I, were given a unique opportunity along with both classes in Dallas. We got an extra day with Shane. We were contacted and asked to come up a day early and help load in and set up for the workshop and masterclass. We figured that we would get there and be pack-mules and maybe Shane would show up, give marching orders, and head to his hotel room to prep for the next day. Not at all! Shane showed up and was completely involved in the whole process. He introduced himself to us and a little while later caught us and said, “Hey, you guys are Inner Circle members, right? Aren’t you the ones who were [messing] with my GoPro mods?”

I, being completely awe-struck, shook my head like an idiot and was just floored that he KNEW who we were. Jacob and I were there from 4pm to about 12:30am (8.5 hours) and Shane was there for most of the time. That night, we forged friend ships with his road crew and a couple of other guys (Les and Mayson) who were also there to assist with the Dallas stop of the Illumination Experience Tour.

We got to spend 3 days with Shane totaling about 32 hours and we came back with our brains completely stuffed.

I know this post is long-winded, but, I cannot stress enough, how important it is that you attend this class if you aspire to be behind the camera.

The other thing I really want to make mention of is that this isn’t a tour where the keynote speaker is introduced, comes out, does his thing, maybe does a Q&A, and goes into seclusion. The whole event is a Q&A and Shane stays and mingles the whole time. He is a very real person. He calls you by your name. He will make fun of you (completely in jest). He will fire you from the set for not being able to tell time (you will have to attend to find out about this inside joke). He will be your friend. And most of all, he will be more grateful than words can express that you made the time to join him in the experience.

But, enough about Shane ;) I’m going to talk about his crew. We worked with every crew member at some point during the set-up night. David (Shane’s Personal Assistant), Jeremy (Shane’s Tour Manager)

, Matt, Larry, Alex, and Freddy (aka. Fred Jackman, #Frackman) [please, forgive and remind me if I left anyone out because my brain is fried after this weekend] were all bros be the end of it. They never talked down to us or treated us like a couple of idiots who had no clue what a lot of the stuff was because we’ve never even seen some of the tools before. If we didn’t know what something was, they explained what it was, what it did, and how to use it. They did this all weekend. Shane is great and all, but, he admits that the tour wouldn’t be successful without his crew members.

There are not enough nice things that I can say about this tour and if you can afford to go and you choose not to, then you must be brain damaged.

I cannot wait to share what we have learned and I really cannot wait to apply it for our clients.

We must also thank our awesome cousins, Steve and Katy Esquivel, for letting us crash at their house the last three evenings. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to afford to make the trip and stay in Dallas for the Illumination Experience Tour.


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Carmageddon – Lubbock (Video)

Carmageddon in Lubbock, TX

The Carmageddon Proposition

Earlier this week, I received a call from Jeff Allen (Car Chasers) where he and Heathen (FMX) asked me if we could put together a television commercial for “Carmageddon“. It is a one day event at the City Bank Coliseum in Lubbock, TX, with a collector car auction, car show, and car racing.

The Carmageddon TV Commercial

We’ve been doing some video production with Jeff and Meg for a few months and it just so happened that we had footage from the last auction they held in Lubbock and from an autocross race earlier this summer. So, I had all the elements I needed to put the Carmageddon ad together. I figured it would take me 5-6 hours to go through all of the footage from the previous events and put something together.

I was wrong… Since the Carmageddon commercial was going to be the first ad we’ve had aired in Lubbock, I really wanted to knock this one out of the park. Thus, came the over-kill.

The Carmageddon Process

When thinking about “Carmageddon” the first thing that comes to my mind is “post-apocalypse.” The second thing is the movie, “Armageddon.” So, for me, it had to be a combination of asteroids and desolation while getting the message of the commercial across.

I scoured through all of my stock footage to see if I could find something I could turn into a wasteland. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. Out of all the video production we’ve covered this last year, not one single thing that I could use for an opening sequence. My next course of action was to find a still photo that I could animate, and that’s where it came from (more on this process in a later post). I took the still photo, added my asteroid, some fire, and some 3D text and turned it into utter destruction.

Once, I had that piece mostly finished, the next step was to put some music to it.

If you’ve followed our blog for very long, you know that Jacob handles the majority of our music, so, I put him to the task of finding something to use. He sent me a song that he had written and recorded a couple of years ago and that became our Carmageddon theme song.

From there it was a matter of building the closing title shot and filling in the rest with footage from our previous video productions.

The Carmageddon Delivery

One thing I like about my work is the satisfaction of every project we do is my new favorite project. I love all of our productions but, each one is something new and there’s something new I love about it.

Another thing that I absolutely love, but comes on rare occasion, is the opportunity to see our clients’ faces and reactions when they see their video for the first time. Last night, may have been the best one.

Jacob and I met up with Jeff, Meg, Heathen, Jim (our Santa Clause), and Eric to show them the Carmageddon television commercial.

Since we were in a loud environment, Heathen brought in a couple of sets of headphones. I don’t remember who had the headphones first, but, I’ll never forget the reaction from both Jeff and Meg when the final shot came on the screen. It was a loud “OHHHH!!!!” and “Whoah!” from both of them. They all took turns with the headphones and we put the spot on repeat.

It was easily the best viewing experience I’ve had with anyone we’ve done a commercial for.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have them all as friends and to now be the only production company endorsed by our friends in The Car Chasers… And Heathen ;)


We hope you all make it out to Carmageddon. It’s going to be one heck of a day and we will even have our own booth set up so come by and visit!

TV Commercial – Bullock’s Jewelry “Get it Right”

Get it Right TV Commercial

GET IT RIGHT TV Commercial

Goodness how the summer has flown by! It’s already September and here we are busier than we’ve ever been. We’ve been collaborating with Bullock’s Jewelry of Roswell, NM since January shooting their fall lineup of TV commercial spots including “How to Cure THE Headache” and now “Get it Right”.

The writing process for the “Get it Right” TV commercial took place on one of our various trips between Lubbock and the Midland/Odessa area. We were thinking about humorous ways to sell jewelry and the idea popped into our heads… at the same time. If you ever spend any time around us, you’ll soon learn that we say the exact same things at the exact same time in the exact same tone at the exact same tone. The first word out of our mouths was “REED!” Reed, is the middle brother between us. So we started writing the script for “Get it Right” on the road. If you really want to get to know Reed, he’s an incredibly gifted intellectual. Practical every day handiwork, however, is a different story.

As soon as we had the script for “Get it Right” approved by Bullock’s, we gave Reed a call and and pitched the idea to him. His initial response was “Do I need to bring the white laundry I stained pink?” Well that told us that Reed was the perfect match for the “Get it Right” TV commercial. Next we had to find a fitting screen wife for Reed. DRUM ROLL! Introducing: Mrs. Ashley Brooks! Ashley showed up and acted fantastically as Reed’s wife in “Get it Right” and has since been a part of four other spots we filmed this summer for the Sewell Family of Companies, all of which you can find at our Sewell Lincoln Blog and our Sewell Team Parents Blog.

We got a date sorted out, everyone arrived, and we were on our way! Shooting “Get it Right” was a pretty relaxing and hilarious shoot where we had a ton of fun. We’re really glad to be working with Bullock’s and look forward to releasing more spots of theirs’ as soon as we get the Green light.

We always love to hear your feedback on what we produce. If you enjoyed the “Get it Right” TV Commercial or any of our other projects feel free to respond on the blog, on our Facebook  or on our Twitter!

In the meantime please enjoy a few Behind the Scenes photos from the day of the “Get it Right” shoot!

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Bullock’s Jewelry “Get it Right”-Hamil Bros Studios TV Commercial


Sewell Team Parents (Video)


Sewell: The Spots

In the whirlwind of the last few weeks, these television commercials have been the big ones.
Sewell’s “Team Parents” spots encompass 3 different dealerships: Sewell Ford (Odessa), Sewell Chevrolet (Andrews), Sewell Volkswagen (Odessa).


The message is simple. Whatever your needs are as parents, Sewell has you covered.

All spots were voiced by the talented Ryan Ramon.

Sewell: The Shoot

Day 1

This video production was particularly challenging in several ways. Due to the nature of the TV commercials, we had to have a load of people involved. Most of the time, we don’t have more than about 10 people involved at a time. For these Sewell commercials, I really don’t know how many people we had altogether between children and parents (both on and off screen).

The first morning (in Midland) we had Daniela, Ashley, and Sailor doing several takes running from the door of our set house to the vehicle. The original plan was to use rollerblades to follow her, however, I forgot to load my skates. Fortunately, it didn’t matter because there is no sidewalk in front of the house. The next option was for me to stand on a two-wheel cart and have Jacob push me while I held the camera on the MoVI. That idea didn’t pan out so we went with something simpler that should have been the hardest idea: just shoot out the side of the minivan. Now anyone who knows my family knows that we have to attempt the hardest thing possible then figure out how to do it easier. It worked beautifully.

From there, we moved the production out to a little stretch of fresh road with no traffic. Our friends from Sewell followed and we set up to get the coming and going shots. We spent a couple of hours and weren’t really happy with the results we were getting. So, we went back to the drawing board and decided to try it again the next day.

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Day 2

The second day (in Midland) with Sewell was fairly (and unfortunately) uneventful. We were supposed to have a group of kids to be our “players,” but there was a miscommunication with scheduling and they weren’t going to make it until the 3rd day.

So, instead of losing a day, we went back out to re-shoot our coming and going shots. This time things were a lot more successful. The shots turned out great. The only thing was, that I felt they could be better, so, we would try again on the third day.

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Day 3

The first two days were fairly light on the workload, which was not what we had expected. However, the third day (also in Midland) made up for it: not only did our original group of kids show up, Ashley came through and had several of her friends come out and bring their kids, and we had a few parents from Sewell show up with their’s as well.

We started off at Grande Stadium with the soccer portion of the video shoot. After finishing that up we moved on to the first park where we would shoot the football portion of the commercial. We then broke for lunch and then headed to the final park where we shot the basketball portion.

On the third day, we had some extra help: Reid Miller went with us and helped lug gear around and shoot behind-the-scenes photos and video. He was a huge help and has agreed to be part of the team whenever he’s available.

While we were at the second park shooting the reveal shots, we had some rogue talent. I had asked this boy to really ham it up and do some sort of “churning butter” dance move once he obtained his snacks. He looks at me with a smirk and winks as he says, “Nah… I got this.”

This video was the result. I’m sure you can guess which one I’m referring to.

After we finished with the children, we went back out to re-shoot the coming and going shots for the last time. This time we got gold (third time’s the charm). We had three guys from Sewell out there and we lined them up and got all six takes in two shots. It was great.

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All in all, it was a very successful video production and we are very pleased to continue our work with the Sewell Family of Companies

West Texas Food Bank Best of the West (Video)

The West Texas Food Bank BOTW Spot

About 3 weeks ago, I was coming back from a weekend at the lake with my family. Once I was back in cell service, I get a voicemail notification. A gentleman who was representing the West Texas Food Bank (in Odessa, TX) had seen the TV commercial we had done for the Permian High School Tennis booster club and wanted to know if we would do video production for a television commercial for the food bank. Since I was still going to be unavailable for a little while, I managed to get a message to Jacob to have him reach out and let them know we were interested.

Upon discussing things further, we found out that the West Texas Food Bank was going to be hosting an event at La Hacienda in Odessa where they were going to be auctioning off a 2007 Shelby GT. We immediately got excited about the video shoot and accepted.

After some careful planning and some modifications to our GoPro, I headed down to Odessa to meet up with Jacob and get this thing going.

We pulled out all of the stops for this one. We modded the GoPro and even got out the MoVI for some really cool moving shots.

We got most of the TV commercial shot between 9:30am and 12. Due to some technical difficulties, we ended up going back out around 3pm and finishing up. It was a great experience and it was really fun pushing our cameras to their limits.

As part of the deal, we got a sponsorship for the West Texas Food Bank Best of the West event.

Something we always try to do with every job is do something we’ve never done before and we nailed it on this one. We’re very proud to present the West Texas Food Bank Best of the West TV commercial and hope that you enjoy it to.

Many thank to Robert Simmons at CreativeAid for putting us in touch with the West Texas Food Bank and being a great liaison.

West Texas Food Bank Best of the West Promo BTS

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It’s raining work!

Shooting some car interiors

It’s been nearly a month since our last post. Normally, this would be a result of laziness/forgetfulness, but, in this case, it’s been a result of how busy we have been in the video production world. Since the last post, we’ve had at least 9 video shoots (one of which was a televisin commercial shoot that spanned 3 days in Midland and Odessa, technically making it 12 shoots).

If, one year ago, you had told me that the video production would be as busy today as we are, I probably would have had a wishful smile come across my face and responded with, “Yeah. That would be nice.”

I’ve always known the potential was there, but, when starting out a business, it’s hard to be encouraged by the potential and not discouraged by the slow rate at which things seem to naturally progress. I have been working on this video production business for 4 years this month. Jacob joined me in a more full-time capacity last year and we both started looking at options for how to supplement our income at the beginning of the summer. He decided to move home (with our parents) and find a job (probably in the oil-field) and do video production me on the side. Business was just not moving at a pace where we could both survive, yet the jobs were big enough that I couldn’t do them by myself.

The hardest part about it was sitting down and discussing with my dad that I knew, in my bones, that things were about to go crazy. Being a good father and trying to protect his kids from doing something stupid, he response was something to the effect of, “I sure hope so, but, you had better start executing on a ‘Plan B’.”

It was very discouraging, but, I knew he was right. Now, don’t take this the wrong way; I’m not complaining about my dad or saying he did anything wrong. He was just trying to protect his children and HE WAS RIGHT.

As beaten down as I felt from working hard and feeling like we were making no progress, I wasn’t ready to give up. I’ve heard that the mountain of success is really just the victor standing on an enormous pile of failures and it could not be more true. Most businesses either succeed or fail in the first 5 years and we were just over half way and it looked like it was going to go into the graveyard of dead ventures.

The moment of satisfaction came a couple of weeks later when I had finally scheduled a few jobs and had to call my dad and tell him, “I’ve got to pull Jacob off of his job hunting. He officially won’t have time to work anywhere else.”

This month has been testimony to that. We’ve averaged 3 shoots a week in August, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. Starting September 2nd, we will have 5 shoots in 7 days. Quite the turnaround from 1 shoot every 1-3 months. Most of the shoots have been down in Odessa and Midland.

The best part, for me, is hearing my dad say that he is proud of me. I’m almost 30 years old and that still means the world to me.

As far as what we have accomplished, we have completed our first set of television commercials for the Sewell Family of Companies in Odessa, TX (those should go live today). Big thanks to Ashley Brooks for helping out (again) and we hate that she is moving away :(  Also, big thanks to Reid Miller. He shot our behind-the-scenes photos and video and was a great extra pair of hands to have on deck.

We’ve also finished up a TV commercial for the West Texas Food Bank, also in Odessa. They are auctioning off a Shelby GT in a few weeks so, we got to take that out and have some fun (more on that soon).

We’ve done some contract work for a few places where we just shoot and turn over the footage. Landtroop strategies had us come out the the Food Bank in Odessa and shoot a press conference where BHP Billiton donated $650,000 to two different causes.

We really couldn’t be more grateful.

Coming up, we are going back to Carter’s Furniture to start work on their fall and holiday TV commercials. We’re also starting work with an attorney in Lubbock who wants to put out some TV commercials that will shake the paradigm of local attorney ads and we will finally have something on air in Lubbock.

Hopefully, within the next few days, we will get some of our completed work up for all the world to see. In the meantime, enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos

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“Cooking Out” – Short Film (4K Video) Hamil Bros Studios

Screenshot from the film "Cooking Out"

We never have a dull moment at Hamil Bros Studios and our most recent short, “Cooking Out”, really lends to that fact.

A few weeks ago, we were doing some research and came across a competition hosted by a group known as Film Riot on youtube. The competition stated that you must make a short film (in the span of two weeks) that has a shootout take place. The duration could only be up to one minute and the weapons could really be anything. They could be prop guns, dollar store guns, water guns, finger guns, etc. The possibilities were endless! As I watched the video with all the information, a crazy plot exploded in my mind for the film “Cooking Out”.

I immediately called Ross (laughing so hard I was crying) to talk through the idea and make sure I wasn’t insane. Good news is, Ross is just as crazy as I am, and loved the idea! We basically took down plot points or comedic actions we wanted to see in a list and I compiled them into a script. This was pretty late at night and I was exhausted. Therefore, this film, “Cooking Out”, was even funnier than it should have been normally.

I was in Odessa when I scripted out the idea. The next day I headed to Lubbock for a wedding (as a friend and a guest, not a vendor). I had some other business to take care of, but was going to have a free afternoon and asked Ross if he would like to shoot “Cooking Out” with me. He told me he would be glad to! Production for “Cooking Out” took somewhere around 3 hours to shoot everything.

We have an incredible aunt, Alicia Rigney, whom we must honor for her incredible prosthetics work in “Cooking Out”. She crafted the bullet hole in my head with just a few household items, and did it in record time. The bullet hole construction took somewhere around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Shooting in 4K made for us having to make sure we  had everything down to the “t” before the camera was rolling. Once we got the bullet hole crafted to my forehead, we began shooting.

“Cooking Out” also debuts Alicia’s son and our cousin, Jackson Rigney, who was a phenomenal actor. He conveyed the ideas we had for him really well and we’ve received lots of feedback that his part in the film was most people’s favorite. Thanks Jackson!

Once shooting was done, Ross got me the footage for this film and I was honored to cut together my first ever short film for Hamil Bros Studios. I had a lot of fun doing the edits and sound design for “Cooking Out”!

We had a blast shooting “Cooking Out” We don’t know what will come next in the line of short films, but you can keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter. We appreciate your support as always and share the link with your friends!



Check out our Behind the Scenes photos of “Cooking Out”!

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Cooking Out – Short Film (4K Video)- Hamil Bros Studios- Lubbock, TX 

Sewell Lincoln — A Night Out (video)

The Sewell Lincoln Title Screen

The Sewell Lincoln TV spot is finally out!

Today marks the culmination of several months of planning, scripting, storyboarding, shot listing, shooting, editing, and coloring, as the Sewell Lincoln spot is approved and getting sent out for delivery!

Several months ago, Jacob and I were going around to different businesses just trying to get our name and our work in front of people. Sewell was one of the places that we visited and the timing could not have been better. They were re-structuring the marketing division and looking for a production company. After our introductory meeting with them, they told us that we were what they were looking for.

Since the marketing division was only about a week old, we knew that it would be a little while before there would be any movement. After a couple of months, we finally got an email from our contact at Sewell and he wanted to have another meeting and discuss a few ideas and introduce us to their copywriter. The meeting went wonderfully and we walked away with 3 ideas, the first of which was the Sewell Lincoln ad.

We were given the concepts with the mission to script them out and make them production ready. I’m pretty sure that we had the majority of the script and shot list completed by the time we completed our journey back to Lubbock.

Once the scripting was done to my satisfaction on the Sewell Lincoln spot, I sent it to Sewell for further collaboration.  They came back with the go-ahead to start planning the shoot.

Once June rolled around, we nailed down production dates. The Sewell Lincoln shoot took a total of about three and a half days spread out over 3 weeks due to everyone’s summer schedule.

The Sewell Lincoln shoot was our first time to really put our new gear through their paces. We shot two days with the 33′ camera jib, and got to play with the MoVI, as well as setting up the 20′ dolly track.

The week before the Sewell Lincoln production commenced, we spent somewhere near 20 hours building and rigging our dolly track with a motor for a time-lapse shot. Now, when I say that “we” spent time, I mean that Jacob, our dad (Lonnie Hamil), and I all spent time. Without his help, that venture would have been a lost cause.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the Sewell Lincoln production, we had a really great team around us and we owe a debt of gratitude to a plethora of people (yes, I know what a “plethora” is for all of you fans of El Guapo). I am going to try to remember everyone here, if I forget someone, let me know and I will make sure you are added:

  • Shawn and Megan Miller – You guys gave us invaluable information on what needed to happen to get our business really going.
  • Kyle Bullock – You gave us the “how” to execute on the “what” and had you not given us a verbal butt-kicking to make us get out and meet businesses, this blog post would not be happening.
  • Tyler and Nick (Team Sewell) – You guys took a risk to place your bets on us as your production company and we are eternally grateful. You’ve been extremely encouraging and incredibly easy to work with.
  • Ashley Brooks – You have volunteered yourself  on more than one occasion and this time you volunteered your child. You’ve not only been extraordinarily supportive, you’ve helped us out of a bind a few times. You show up early, leave late and are always willing to lend a helping hand (like moving jib weights while you’re dressed up for a night on the town). We are sad to see you moving, but, we are excited for your new journey with your family. We also want to thank Alan for loaning you to us and for being cool headed about you having a different husband in every shoot you’re in for us ;)
  • BJ – You are a darn, fine-looking man and I’m pleased as can be that we got to use you for this commercial. We are thankful that you and Natalie gave up a couple of your evenings to help us out on this.
  • Gary and Jill Whitehead – Thank you for loaning us your house on a couple of occasions. It was the perfect location and you make it extremely accessible and were very gracious hosts.
  • Tray Dix – Thanks for loaning us your generator. It would have been dark and lonely without it.
  • Dad – You have helped us out more than we could ever thank you for. From building a motor mount for our dolly to sanding a guitar off the side of a trailer, you have gone above and beyond.
  • Mom – The list could go on forever. There is no hat that you haven’t worn for us: babysitter, hotel manager, housekeeping, caterer, sandbag maker, chef, cast & crew, bookkeeper, go-fer, banker, chauffeur, nurse, and mother (and that’s just in the last month!) I’m sure I’ve missed quite a bit of your duties, but, I think people get the idea. You are the glue that really holds this thing together.
  • Mom and Dad – Your work ethic has been passed on to Jacob and I. You can never do anything half-way and neither can we. You both have been supportive to a degree that neither Jacob or I can even imagine and you don’t really complain about it which is miraculous because Jacob and I tend to drive people bonkers.

If I missed anyone, please, let me know.

This Sewell Lincoln production has been an adventure and we are so blessed to have all of you here with us!


Sewell Lincoln — A Night Out (video)

Bullock’s Jewelry “How to Cure THE Headache”

Title Shot from our Bullock's Spot "How to Cure THE Headache"

We at Hamil Bros Studios have been very lucky to accumulate a fantastic list of clients. One of the great clients we picked up is Bullock’s Jewelry (Bullock’s Facebook Page) in Roswell, New Mexico.

Our story with Bullock’s Jewelry begins back in January of this year. I’ve had a long standing relationship with the Bullock’s Son, Kyle, with whom I became friends in college. We took a small, one day trip out to Roswell to cold call on some businesses to see if we could pick up some new clients. The trip was relatively easy, but not much of a turnout, with the exception of Bullock’s Jewelry. We sat down with the owner, Don, showed him our demo and began figuring out a course of action. We immediately clicked because of Don’s great appreciation for humor.

At the end of the day, Ross and I headed back to Lubbock. On our way back, we developed 3-6 scripts for Bullock’s Jewelry to check out. I’m sure there were a fair few crazy ideas we’ve kept to ourselves… for now… A few of our ideas did make it to an actual script, though.

In late January, we decided to shoot a spec spot for Bullock’s Jewelry, just so they could get an idea of how one of their productions would look. We sent it to Don and Kyle and they both loved the idea. After several months of communication between us, we got a production deal worked out with them that they could work with. Once we came to an agreement, Don was great to make sure we had the appropriate jewelry for each spot.

Little did we know that our spec spot (plus a small shoot to add in jewelry) would be their first spot to air in Roswell.

We did shoot a small behind the scenes video for this spot and that can be found here! That behind the scenes video was also featured on the Kadams Media Blog out of New York. Keep an eye out to see our future productions with Bullock’s Jewelry!

We always appreciate your support and if you want to keep up with our day to day progress, check out our Facebook or Twitter.



A few BTS photos from our shoots on “How to Cure THE Headache”

BTS from "How to Cure THE Headache" commercial.

BTS from “How to Cure THE Headache” commercial.

BTS of Bullock's Jewelry Set

BTS of Bullock’s Jewelry Set

Permian Tennis Guns and Glory Clay Shoot

Permian Tennis Clay Shoot Title



These past few weeks have been slightly less than murder for us. It’s been quite the journey even since our last blog post. A week ago we were contacted by the Permian Tennis Booster Club about a sponsored clay bird shoot they are hosting. They told us that they would need a fast shoot and an even faster turn around. We told them we were happy to assist them! Two days later, Ross packed up and headed to Odessa where he met up with me at our location. We had a member of the Booster Club, the Permian Tennis Coach, and three awesome players from the Permian Tennis team join us on set for a fun filled shoot! What’s more fun than tennis balls, racquets, and shotguns? I can tell you. Nothing is better than tennis balls, racquets, and shotguns. The shoot went relatively quickly but we got a ton of great material to use for their spot.

Ross immediately headed back to Lubbock where he started pulling the first draft of the TV spot together. The next evening, Ross had the first draft edit of the Permian Tennis spot ready for me to begin the sound design. This production would have been much more difficult on my end, had it not been for Video Copilot and their newest sound design product Motion Pulse! This sound design product really helped beef up the graphics and intensify the footage to a point with which we were happy.

Then came the music design. I needed something rough and gritty to portray the feeling of the Permian Tennis GUNS AND GLORY clay shoot. What better way to portray GUNS AND GLORY than with good hard rock? The answer is that there isn’t a better way, hehe. So I plugged in and tracked all the music. That music compiled with the awesome sound design elements made for one intense TV spot.

The Permian Tennis Guns & Glory commercial will air from July 28th through August 7th during hunting and fishing, news, and sports venues. So, be sure to catch it on TV and let us know what you think of it!



Here are a few behind the scenes shots from our shoot with the Permian Tennis Team.


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Client Review: Byron Rogers (Video 4k)

Byron Rogers: Owner of Disc O' Music, Inc

See more client reviews here

Hamil Bros (Now in 4k)

New 4k Camera









Wow. June was busy. July has proven to be just as busy and we’re only 5 days in.

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From the pictures, you can see that we have been up to a lot.

It started with making a ton of equipment upgrades, one of which was upgrading to a 4K video camera.

No doubt, by now, you’ve heard about the 4k video movement. TV’s are moving toward 4k, broadcast is trying to move toward 4k, Netflix is going to take the plunge into 4k. I have my qualms about 4K video as a delivery medium (that’s a conversation for another day), as an editor and visual effects artist, it is a huge deal. It also means that the quality of the end product is increased.

Another huge upgrade was the piece of equipment we have affectionately named “Ichabod”. We welcome our new 33-foot camera crane to West Texas. As far as we know, it is the longest crane between Dallas and Albuquerque.
The biggest caveat was that the instructions were completely in Chinese. That made for an interesting setup the first time. However, I’ve worked on a couple of crane jobs and had learned how to assemble a beast such as this.

Most of this equipment was purchased for use on our upcoming Sewell commercials which we started initial production on last Tuesday. We spent somewhere around 20 hours prepping for what turned into an 8.5-hour shoot. We tested out our new dolly track and our Dad (Lonnie Hamil) helped us rig a motor for a 2-hour long time-lapse. It took several tries to get the speed right, but, it worked.

In the midst of all of this, we bought some new lighting as well. We ended up using it for some more Bullock’s Jewelry commercials we have been shooting.

We have made some major headway in the equipment department that will only push us further.

Out of all of this, we are announcing our biggest change, we are getting out of doing weddings. We have found our niche in the commercial world and we haven’t done a single wedding this year and we really haven’t missed it. We might take on a wedding here and there, but, that will be at our discretion.

We hope that you continue to follow us as we make a ton of progress.

Hamil Bros (Now in 4k)

Upgrades! June Update

Blackmagic 4k, SmallHD monitors

Well, June is here and things are going as fast as they ever have here at Hamil Bros Studios.

We currently have 11 jobs and 2 short films in progress. Needless to say, it’s near insanity around here.

We’ve landed several new clients. Among them are the Sewell Family of Dealerships (Odessa), Signature Stag (Midland), The Diamond Company (Odessa), Bullock’s Jewelry (Roswell), and Covenant Health Systems (Lubbock). We are beyond excited about all of the work that has been making its way in. Within the next few weeks, you can expect to see several of these commercials flowing through here.

Blackmagic 4k, SmallHD monitors

Welcome to the newest members of our gear family














As our clientele continues to rise, so does our level of quality. With the major push in 4k in the television industry, we have made the plunge into 4k filmmaking. We are very excited to be expanding in that regard. Along with that, we are making some other extreme upgrades. I’m going to keep them quiet for now because you’ll just have to see them to believe them. Needless to say, we have an arsenal that was only a pipe dream for me a couple of years ago.

On a different note, I wanted to send out some positive thoughts on one of our long-time clients, David Alldredge. David passed away last month from some ongoing health difficulties. I went to high school with his son, Brett, and we have done several commercials for his business, Alldredge Gardens. I did not personally know David very well, although he had spent time with us on set when we shot a couple of commercials in his lake home. The few hours I spent getting to know him were invaluable. Having grown his business from nothing and knowing the challenges of starting and growing a business, he provided insight and wisdom that I have carried since then.

He also introduced me to Breaking Bad. As silly as it may sound, he pointed me in the direction of, not only a great TV show, but, a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to our industry. Our thoughts and prayers continue for his family.

Many thanks to all who have been a part of this adventure and we can’t wait to take things to the next level.

Hamil Bros Client Testimonial: Carter’s Furniture

Greg and Echo at Carter's Furniture

See more testimonials here

The Insane Inflatable 5k

The Insane Inflatable 5k Logo

The Insane Inflatable 5k Shoot

Wow. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over threeweeks since we shot the Insane Inflatable 5k down in Midland, TX. It was one of the most energetic and tiring shoots we’ve had in a long time.

We started out the morning shooting a couple of time lapses from a crows-nest around 6:30 am. For us, that is really early. From there, it was on to (nearly) all candid shots. Jacob and I ran around for about 5 hours. At one point, I put on my GoPro chest mount and made my way through most of the obstacles. It was quite insane (as the name suggests).

I also got the Phantom Quad-copter out and flew it around with the GoPro to get some aerial footage. I was able to acquire some decent footage, but, the wind didn’t agree, so, that was a challenge.

All in all, the Insane Inflatable 5k was a blast and a very successful shoot.

The Insane Inflatable 5k Run

It is no secret that I’m not a runner nor have I ever (in my adult life) participated in any running events. The Insane Inflatable 5k, however, is one that you can bet I will be attending again.

It was an extremely fun atmosphere and it wasn’t intimidating at all.

When we got there, we really didn’t know what to expect. We knew it was a 5k run with bounce-houses. Boy, were we wrong. As you can see from the video, these aren’t your kids’ birthday jumpers. These took me back to the days of Discovery Zone when the obstacles were larger than life and you could eat an entire pizza and play the whole thing off before you left. These bouncy obstacles were huge and they were a blast.

I completely recommend anyone go out to the Insane Inflatable 5k if there is one coming near you and take the whole family. It is a family friendly environment and they do have dedicated “kids only” waves (of course if you’re a parent or guardian, you can run it with them).

For more information or two find a run near you and register, please visit www.InsaneInflatable5k.com.

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The Insane Inflatable 5k

Video Production: Rapid Progress

HB-Jets-Logo Hamil Bros Commercial Video Production Lubbock

Your #1 Video Production Studio in Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa

Well, after months and months of work on the ground and on the web, things are starting progress rapidly.

Over the next month, Jacob and I have lined up over 10 different video shoots. We’ve managed to land an extremely large client (for us) and are very excited to share with you what that will entail in the following weeks.

We recently shot a commercial for The Diamond Company in Odessa, TX and have done some work for the Insane Inflatable 5k run. We hope to be sharing the 5k video with you very soon.

As far as our commercial video production goes, this is the absolute busiest we’ve been since I opened this video production company in early 2011.

Our web presence

One thing that has been a challenge for us since the beginning has been our presence on the Web.

Well, after months of hard work, planning, and execution, we’ve finally ended up where we want to be.

Hamil Bros Studios Video Production Google Rank in Lubbock

Hamil Bros Studios Video Production Google Rank in Lubbock

Hamil Bros Studios Video Production Google Rank in Midland

Hamil Bros Studios Video Production Google Rank in Midland

We are finally Number 1 on Google for commercial and wedding video production in Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa!

Now, the last thing we want to do is brag about this, but, anyone who has done web SEO, knows that this is a huge accomplishment and we are super proud to have achieved this.

We are working hard to not only be the number 1 result on Google, but, to be the number 1 video production studio in West Texas.

We want to thank everyone who has encouraged us and pushed us beyond our comfort zones to help us reach a higher ground.

We also want to thank those who told us that we couldn’t do it, because you have given us incentive to prove you wrong.

We can’t wait to keep you all up to date with everything  as it comes our way and we cannot thank you all enough for the support.


The Diamond Company

The New Diamond Company Video Logo

The Diamond Company Commercial

Here is the most recent television commercial for The Diamond Company in Odessa, TX.


The Diamond Company Shoot

Ross Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at The Diamond Company

Ross Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at The Diamond Company

One of the nicest things about our job as video producers, is that no two shoots are ever the same and that means that things rarely get monotonous. The Diamond Company was no different. We’ve been producing TV commercials in Midland and Odessa for over 3 years and this is the first time we’ve shot any jewelry.

We started around 1:30 and finished up close to 4:30. The shoot took longer than we anticipated, but, The Diamond Company’s owner, Craig Bommersbach, is so friendly and was so excited about the shoot, that it was hard not to chat while we were working.

Another nice thing about our job is that we often get to see and experience things we’ve never seen before. In the case of The Diamond Company, we got to see them melt a gold nugget and see some jewelry repair.

As we were tying up the shoot, a long-time friend of ours showed up to buy a set of earrings for his wife for mother’s day. It was great to see how Craig interacts with customers.

As a side note, I would like to point something out. I am going to try to get better at taking more behind-the-scenes shots. It would appear that I am either a camera-hog or the only one who does any work. I would like to point out, that Jacob does a ton and I never take any pictures of him doing any of it. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without him and the value he has brought to this business far surpasses what words can explain.


The Diamond Company

Jacob and I visited Craig several times before we nailed down a shoot date. On many of those occasions, we got to see Craig working with customers. He is not only great with customers, he knows what he is talking about. He and his father are gemologists. That means they know a lot more about this stuff than I do, but, for his customers, it means that they will leave the store either knowing what they need to know about the jewelry they have purchased or what they need to know to make an educated decision on their purchase.

You can visit The Diamond Company’s facebook page to stay up to date with all they have going on here

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The Diamond Company

Tomorrow: The Insane Inflatable 5k in Midland, TX


Hamil Bros Studios is pleased to announce that tomorrow, we are introducing video production to the Insane Inflatable 5k in Midland, TX!

Early in the morning, Jacob and I are headed out to shoot some promotional video material for the Insane Inflatable 5k and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a 5k run that includes 10 inflatable obstacle courses much like the jump-houses you see at children’s birthday parties, except these are for everyone.

This is only the second race to happen in the U.S. and it’s looking to be huge. As of right now, the first several waves are already filled and it looks like the rest will continue to fill up fast.

I encourage you to click on the link above and go check it out. This looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun!

We hope to see several of you out there tomorrow and if we do, remember to smile for the camera!


Tomorrow: The Insane Inflatable 5k in Midland, TX

YPE Red Carpet Event (Video) at Signature Stag Midland TX

Young Professionals in Energy Red Carpet Event at Signature Stag Midland Tx

This last week, we had a great opportunity to be part of an evening event for the Young Professionals in Energy Midland Chapter at Signature Stag in Midland, TX.

The event was hosted by Natalie Pevehouse at her store (Signature Stag). Below is a video we put together for them as well as a slideshow of the “red carpet” photo-booth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This was our first time working with Natalie. We had visited her store several times to talk about doing commercial production work and had missed her every time. Finally, I received an email from her telling me that she had another project she would like to talk to us about.

I gave her a call and she told me about this “Red Carpet” event she was hosting at her store. They wanted a photo-booth-esque set up for taking pictures against a custom background they had ordered.

We allowed ourselves what we thought was a generous 2-hour set-up time before the festivities were supposed to start. As it turned out, the 2 hours ended up cutting things close.

The direction the backdrop was set up was not conducive to the familiar West-Texas wind. Luckily, we had a ton of sandbags (more on those here). We set about 250 pounds of sandbags and counter weights on the stand bases. It did very well holding and we only had one gust of wind that moved the backdrop and nearly killed our light-stand. Considering the how the wind can be, I would call that success.

Ranchland Hills provided the catering and the food was delicious. I (personally) tried their beef sliders and the chicken skewers. Just typing about it makes my mouth water.

The alcohol and other beverages were provided by Rebecca Creek Whiskey. While I can’t personally attest to the quality of the liquor, judging by the costuming in the photo-booth, I would say that it was pretty darn good.

Natalie made for a great hostess and her girls at Signature Stag made it an incredible event.

All in all, it was a great evening with great people and great food. We look forward to the chance to mingle with these individuals again.


Event Sponsors:

Catering: Ranchland Hills

Open Bar: Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Venue/Host: Signature Stag



YPE Red Carpet Event (Video) at Signature Stag Midland

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