Danny Wren’s Story

Some of you may know, and others may not, but we do our best to support as many non-profits as we are able. Our longest standing relationship with a non-profit organization has been with Spring Creek Ministries

Over the years, we have done many testimonials, promotional videos, and other marketing tasks for them. This week, in particular was Giving Tuesday 2020, and below was the testimonial we put together for them in conjunction with one of their supporters and recipients, Lora Wren.

There were several things about this video that made it very special to us and to Spring Creek.

As you heard Lora tell her story, you got a picture of the relationship that developed between Danny, and Lonnie. 

We couldn’t be happier with how this story turned out on screen and want to say a special thanks to our friends at the Doubletree Lubbock University Area for providing us with one of our shooting locations

Giving Tuesday 2020

Without question, Giving Tuesday 2020 was an incredible success for Spring Creek Ministries. Early on, a goal of $20,000 was set and, at the time of this post, the goal was surpassed at $20,080 (and we are expecting a few more checks to trickle in over the coming days).

Much of the funding that was raised was from the community surrounding Spring Creek Ministries, but we also know that some of our Hamil Bros Studios community pitched in, and for that we are extremely grateful. 

What is Spring Creek Ministries?

Spring Creek Ministries has been described as a ministry of presence. When a loved one goes into the hospital, long term, it doesn’t take long for a family, or even that person to feel forgotten. For a period of time after admittance, we feel surrounded by our community of friends, but they tend to move on. It’s nothing malicious, it’s simply out of sight, out of mind.

Spring Creek works to not only stay connected with these individuals and their families, but help continue awareness for their situation.

The same thing can be applied when a family member passes away. It doesn’t take long for our friends to move on, but our grief can take months and years to subside to a manageable level, and it seems to compound when we feel alone. Lonnie and Donna make it a part of their mission to continually reach out to surviving family members and let them know that they are not forgotten.

Another major factor of their ministry is helping family members navigate tough medical and end-of-life decisions. 

Many times a family feels overwhelmed and can be paralyzed by that. Lonnie can step in and help discuss options and open communication between family members or between the person facing death and their family. 

People Spring Creek Ministries has worked with

How is Hamil Bros involved?

For the longest time, Hamil Bros Studios, as stated above, has created video content for Spring Creek Ministries. 

Beyond that, I (Ross) am also on the board of directors and helps keep their website posts up to date, while Jacob helps manage their social media.

Over the years, Hamil Bros Studios has produced video content for many non-profit and charitable organizations such as Alstrom Angels, Milestones Play Park, Kingdom Come Ministries, Raintree Christian Church, and many more campaigns that have collectively exceeded $500,000 in donations raised.

If you are involved in a non-profit or charitable organization, and would like enhance your presence, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and discuss ways to bring more attention and bring in more donations to your organization!


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