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What’s up guys! Your favorite West Texas Video Production Bros are back at and this blog is going to talk about our recent appearance on the Phil and Cory Show Podcast. 

Recently, our good friend Cory Myres of Lubbock Consulting asked us if we’d like to be on his new podcast and we gratefully accepted. Cory and Phillip Robb of Robb Technology Group have used the current climate to team up and produce a podcast where they interview entrepreneurs from all walks of life to see how they’re making it in their industry. They glean valuable tips, tricks, and resources from these businesses owners and give that information to you to help you succeed as much as possible. 

We really liked the opportunity to talk about how we run our small business and even though it is about video production, there are a lot of useful tips there about brand building, how to find the kind of clients you want, and how we’ve made it thus far. All of those subjects have value for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur or are already on that journey. There may even be value in it for someone who’s been doing this for a long time. 

One of the subjects we cover in this podcast is actually memes and how they’ve impacted our business. We use memes to build our brand and help assuage any fears our new clients may have about working with us. We have had some pretty huge clients and it sometimes scares smaller companies and businesses. Memes just show our humor as well as lets you get a feel for who we are. We’re really not that scary. 

Check out the podcast, let us know your thoughts. Make sure to subscribe to the Phil and Cory Show on Youtube and also like their facebook page! 


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