Welcome to our next Labor XII Album Tracking Minidoc! In this episode we cover day 5 of tracking the album, MONSTERS. Day 5 came with a few interruptions, but also came with progress! 

Check out day 5 and let us know what you think!

Have you watched these to the very end? If you haven’t, go back and watch the video again. It’s okay, we’ll wait! 

It’s very important to us as creatives to adequately convey our real personalities. While we do take this tracking process seriously, we’re also goofballs and overall, we’re in this to have fun. We decided we wanted to have humor throughout these mini doc videos, just because it’s really who we are. We love to laugh. You can definitely see that in our video production work. 

If you want to do some longer term storytelling about your business or brand, contact us! We’d love to sit down and put a plan together for you!  


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