If you weren’t aware, we started a band last year because we don’t get enough creative output in our business. I’m laughing at my own joke right now and I know you are too. Ha! But really, 2019 was a great year and we finally felt like we were stable enough to pursue a band with some freedom. So we did it. It’s called Labor XII named after the Cerberus, which was Hercules 12th Labor. 

What’s New?

We had a good go for a while, but our drummer, Dan Johnson was presented with a business opportunity (NOT multilevel marketing) that he couldn’t turn down and it took him back to Moline, Illinois. After searching, we found Randy Lee to step into Dan’s shoes. 

There is a point to this being on our website, besides shameless self promotion. We put together the new headshots for the band! If you have a production company, why not utilize it? Check out the headshots! 

We had a good time shooting these and after doing some edits, we decided to go a little more extreme with them! For a “Winter is Coming” style edit. Check out our Night King edits! 

We have started doing more still photography and can definitely do more conventional headshots (check out our Brookdale Corporate Headshots) and feel free to get a hold of us if you need updated headshots for your business!


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