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When I was in school, if I’m being candid, I didn’t really enjoy much of the academics. One of my least favorite things was book reports. I didn’t like reading (mostly because I’ve never been good at it), and I hated writing about things I didn’t want to read in the first place (I’m looking at you The Island of the Blue Dolphins).

That was something that I carried with me for a long time. I have always had an affinity for audiobooks, even though I didn’t realize it for a long time. It all started with Hank the Cowdog and carried on with Harry Potter.

Early on in my adult life, I started to find more enjoyment in audiobooks and it has led me down several paths that I’m sincerely happy that it has.

In this blog series, I hope that you are lead to books that will help enrich your life and assist you in finding direction both professionally and personally.

Ross Hamil

Creative Director, Hamil Bros Studios

Everyday Millionaires

If you remember back to the first book review I did on Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, some of this may seem familiar.

Back in January, one of the Ramsey Personalities, Chris Hogan, launched his new book, Everyday Millionaires. Having been listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast like crazy, I heard nothing but promotions for this book.

While a lot of people have railed this book for being regurgitated Dave Ramsey information, I believe they missed the bigger picture. While Chris does reiterate many of Dave’s fundamentals, he dives into the everyday lives of people who are American millionaires.

I was really surprised by the three top professions of people who are millionaires today. I was also surprised by the statistics behind people who are first-generation millionaires.

My Thoughts

While it’s not my life’s goal to be wealthy, it is definitely one of my goals. I want to enjoy nice things, but, more 

than that, I want to be able to do things for people. For instance, I met a girl, back in February, who was in need of a lung transplant and was trying to raise $15,000. I wish I had been in the position to just pay it.

Reading this book has lead me to the conclusion that it is not impossible. It’s actually quite simple. Hard, but simple.

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