Plan Ahead and Execute

The edit on this WunderTRE(k) Brandfomercial wasn’t actually that difficult. We had planned everything down to the “t,” and we executed well.


When it came down to it, the hardest part about the edit was not second guessing myself constantly. Normally, when editing, I will have placeholder music or we will have decided what the music is for the ad. On this one, I decided to do the entire edit without any music so that I could see how well the edit stood on its own. Music should enhance the edit, not be it’s master.

This led to many times where I thought that I was making things much harder than they had to be. Certain segments felt too long, but, couldn’t be shortened because of the movement between cuts, and shortening them would have jarred the viewer. Not to mention, they would have been too fast for the rhythm of the edit.

In the end, by the time the music was added, very few changes were made to the pre-music edit. Everything felt great when watching it back. The pace, along with the music, made the edit feel more like an elegant dance that one would expect from such a high-class Englishman.

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