Hey guys! It’s been a little while since we’ve blogged here at Hamil Bros Studios. We have been SLAMMED with work that we’re not allowed to talk about yet. You will know as SOON as it releases, we promise! There are some things we can talk about!

What are we allowed to say?

Aren’t you glad you asked? Within the last few weeks we shot some videos for Raintree Christian Church’s Family camp which is this coming weekend. Those were a LOT of fun and we’ll be doing a project post on them, because we also shot some ministerial introductions for the church as well. So keep an eye out for those! On top of that, we shot a screen cap product tutorial for SitePro which is an oilfield automation solution. Those guys are REALLY cool and REALLY talented! We won’t be able to share that as it’s internal, but we will do blog that gives you an idea what we can do for your business!


Now for the BIG event! We went and saw John Wick 3 this weekend which will also get its own blog, hopefully, when we have time. A few months ago I was talking to my good friend PJ (a very talented director based in Florida, but does work anywhere in the world). Some of you may be familiar with Voice Over Pete, the rather famous meme/VoiceOver/Green Screen Middle Aged Man who got the shaft from Fiverr. Well, Pete is PJ’s Dad. So we were throwing out dumb ideas about making Pete a short film. I told PJ I’d make a movie poster for the heck of it. So I did and here it is!

This wouldn’t be near as cool without the behind the scenes breakdown of the design. For you sticklers out there, YES I designed it in After Effects. My workflow is quick there and it’s clunky in other design programs. Plus, I can export it out to photoshop layers and then make it a PDF in illustrator, so BOOM. Hope you enjoy the BTS. Oh and lastly, Pete actually did a reaction video for us. So that’s WAY cool. Now we’re going to have a million 6-16 year olds trolling us for Pete’s Sake! Hahaha I’ve waited this entire blog to use that joke. I’m still laughing.

Voice Over Pete’s Reaction!

Really, that totally made our day. It’s not every day you get compliments from a totally awesome guy your parent’s age who plays video games on a regular basis and has crossed 1 million subscribers on Youtube!


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