Josh Fowler GoFundMe Campaign

Josh fowler has been a friend of ours for years now. I believe we met him in 2015 when he approached us about an idea he had. We’ve worked closely with him and he’s become more like family than a client. If you know Josh he’s a VIBRANT soul with driving PASSION that is seriously infectious. Today we received some terrible news that Josh was involved in a serious car accident. He was immediately transported to the hospital and intubated. Since then he’s been in and out of surgery and seems to be doing well. That being said, he’s got quite the recovery road ahead of him. We’ve established a GoFundMe Campaign on his behalf that’s going to go directly to his wife and 4 children to help alleviate whatever costs are incurred.


We hope you’ll join us in support of the Fowler family and the long road that’s ahead of them.

Here is the link to the Meal Train set up for the family as well.

Lastly, we know we have a huge variety of folks who follow us, so we ask you to pray or send your positive energy Josh’s way. We know if the roles were reversed, he’d be writing this post instead of us. 


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