Highlighting Hilton Garden Inn

Look at you! You’re back, from outer space. You just walked in to find us here with that sad look upon your face! I’m kidding, your hair looks great! I digress… We have been insanely busy recently but we wanted to take a minute to dive in to the lighting at Hilton Garden Inn with Executive Chef, Tony Pina for our Milestones Taste of the Field Ad. 

Tones with Tony Pina

Tony is a stand up guy! We really enjoyed getting to work with him and his team at Hilton Garden Inn. The lighting may be my favorite set up, because it utilized a top lit, bounce light key. We decided to go tungsten for our color temperature and figured this would be a GREAT opportunity to use our Matthews Studio Equipment 4×4 voodoo cloth. It gave us exactly what we wanted which was an incredibly soft top light. One of the major benefits of filming with these chefs is that they all know that presentation is equally important when preparing a great meal. We rigged our two quasar crossfades in the room to give it that blue ish atmosphere you see in the ad. Man it looked gorgeous! 

Become a Donor!

We are proud to partner with Alstrom Angels to bring Milestones Park to life! If you’re interested in helping it, any amount is amazing! You can donate that gift here. We strongly recommend it because this is going to change the West Texas community for the better! 

We are looking at doing more food shooting! So if you have a restaurant and you want to smoke, bake, or boil your competition, give us a shout! We’d love to take care of you!


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