Dobbs Law Firm | Unthinkable | 2024 Super Bowl Ad

In 2017, Hamil Bros Studios embarked on a journey with the Dobbs Law Firm in Odessa, TX, creating 5 or 6 testimonial ads for Spencer Dobbs. Little did they know, this collaboration would evolve into a lasting relationship, culminating in the opportunity to produce a creative ad for their longest-standing client. Read on to discover the behind-the-scenes story and success of Hamil Bros Studios.

Passion for Movies and Brand Building:

At Hamil Bros Studios we express a deep love for movies, seamlessly integrating this passion into our video productions. While advocating for the safety of traditional approaches like interviews and testimonials, we emphasize the impact of such content in solidifying the foundation of a brand. Spencer Dobbs understands the potency of referrals and testimony, and Hamil Bros Studios continues to enjoy capturing these testimonials, check out the most recent ones from 2023.

Super Bowl Ambitions and 2024’s “Unthinkable” Ad:

In 2023, the Dobbs Law Firm received an unexpected offer for Super Bowl airtime, a golden opportunity that arrived too close to the event for the realization of their original ideas. Determined to capitalize on the Super Bowl’s vast viewership in 2024, Hamil Bros Studios spent the last three months producing Spencer’s Super Bowl ad, titled “Unthinkable.”

Lofty Goals and Creative Challenges:

Several months ago we began shooting tests to see the best way to pull off this production. As testing usually goes, we were met with what some would view as failures. We didn’t see it as failures as much as learning how NOT to do it. Haha! Originally, our intent was to shoot the ad via pursuit vehicle. A pursuit vehicle is the vehicle that captures the footage we know so well from car chases and such in big budget hollywood movies. Our budget didn’t allow us to hire out the pursuit team we wanted, so we had to try and make it happen ourselves. We had eight or nine attempts at this and our results weren’t up to par with what we wanted to deliver. Ross worked extremely hard to make it work on the post production side, but again, it didn’t rise to our expectations.

Pivoting to Success:

After multiple attempts with varying degrees of success, Hamil Bros Studios made the strategic decision to pivot the production in a new direction. The resulting ad exceeded our expectations, with the Spitsberg family playing a crucial role. Despite reshoots, the family’s unwavering enthusiasm and cooperation made the process enjoyable. Linsey, in particular, stood out for her exceptional performance of “the impact”, showcasing her trust and ability to take direction seamlessly. It’s wild to think that the backdrop of her performance was just a blue screen, right? 

The Final Pieces:

The last piece of the puzzle involved traveling to Odessa to capture Spencer’s “call to action.” The simplicity of this step, combined with Spencer’s stellar performance and straightforward lighting setup, marked the conclusion of a challenging yet rewarding video production journey.

Results and Recognition:

The hard work and dedication invested in “Unthinkable” have paid off, with the ad already receiving a positive response from the public. Hamil Bros Studios emphasizes their capability to make videos shine and encourages businesses to stand out from the competition in the Texas market.

The Dobbs Law Firm collaboration, spanning seven years, showcases the evolution of our partnership rooted in creativity and resilience. Hamil Bros Studios’ commitment to pushing creative boundaries has resulted in a Super Bowl ad that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Aspiring businesses in Texas seeking standout video production need look no further – Hamil Bros Studios has the expertise to make their brands shine.


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